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Those Third-Rate Politicians, Those Dwellers of the Gutter

Talk #20 of the Series, The Invitation

"It is well known what I think about politics, but I will not say anything to you, this way or that.

"My whole approach to my people is that of freedom. You have to act out of your own intelligence. You don't have to depend on my advice.

"I go on giving you my experiences, my attitudes, but there is no compulsion that you have to follow them. You are not my followers, you are my friends.

"I cannot impose my ideas on someone I love; I give you absolute freedom to do whatsoever your intelligence, your meditativeness allows you. And I don't think you will go wrong.

"Just don't be attracted by ambition, don't be attracted by power, because those infatuations are destructive. And the people who become attracted by things like money, power, prestige, miss one thing: that is life."
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Osho continues:
"Balzar has a law about it: Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans. A politician has no life, he is always making other plans, and meanwhile life goes on slipping by. But still, it is going to be your choice.

"I never want to be remembered by you as someone who forced, manipulated, dominated you according to his ideas. I can share everything with you, but the final decision has to be yours, because that's how one matures. If you feel like going into politics, just think what you can contribute, or you will also become part of the whole dirty game that goes on in the name of politics.

"You are asking me, 'Should I get into the gutter?' I will not prevent you. If you enjoy it is perfectly okay with me! But always remember, don't take part in anything unless you are ready so that you can improve it, you can give it some refinement – not only about action, but also about talk. Cogglin's Law is: Don't talk unless you can improve the silence. It is a tremendously beautiful statement: Don't talk unless you can improve the silence – very insightful.

"Don't go into politics unless you can improve humanity and you can improve people's humbleness…not getting into a competitive will to power, because that kind of thing happens only when you are feeling empty inside. I have never heard of any politician becoming enlightened – that will be a contradiction in terms – nor vice versa, have I ever heard of any enlightened man being a politician.

"You think you will be exploring a new dimension through the gutter? Through the gutter you will get into a deeper gutter, a bigger gutter, the main gutter. It is not a dimension; it is simply falling from your intelligence, it is not maturity. A certain retardedness is absolutely necessary in politics. If you feel you qualify…! You have to be continuously lying, you have to be promising things which you know perfectly well you cannot deliver.

"Just the other night I was reading about a rabbi who wrote a letter to a friend, but a very strange letter."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

politics… sharing… satisfied… coolness… peace… outside… loss… silences… wilde

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