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Asking the Experts

Talk #4 of the Series, Just Like That

"Is existence a problem? If it is a problem, then philosophers can help, then experts are useful. But philosophers have failed utterly. For centuries and centuries they have been thinking and thinking. Nothing comes out of their grinding, no conclusion is reached, no truth arrived at. Something is basically wrong with their attitude.

"It is not that their competence is lacking, their competence is perfect. They are absolutely efficient. But somehow they have mistaken existence for a problem. It is not. It is not there to be solved, it is there to be lived! If it was a problem it could have been solved long ago. It is not a problem at all. It has to be lived. Life is not separate from you, to be tackled as a problem, it is you."
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Osho continues:
"Who is going to solve whom?

"Existence is not there outside you. It is inside you, it is your very inside. And existence is not apart; you are part of it, organically one with it. How can a wave solve the ocean? The ocean is not a problem for the wave, it is something to be lived. And the ocean is not separate; in fact the ocean is waving in the wave. The wave and the ocean are not two things: they are one unity.

"You are existence, existence is you. Who is going to solve it and how?

"Philosophy starts from a wrong beginning. It takes it for granted that there is a problem. It never doubts the very ground – that maybe there is no problem. Once you start wrongly you go on and on, and if the first step has been wrong, the last is already missed. From a wrong beginning nobody can come to a right ending; that's why philosophy goes on theorizing, philosophizing. Its very attitude is such that it turns everything into a problem.

"A great philosopher, a professor of philosophy, was ill, mentally ill. He was psychoanalyzed, treated. He started feeling a little better. And then the psychoanalyst said, 'Now it will be good if you go to the hills. It is hot on the plains and the climatic change will help you. So go to the Himalayas. '

"The philosopher went. There he felt very good. The hills were covered with ice, and it was so silent that he felt a sort of euphoria bursting in him. Immediately he telegraphed his psychoanalyst: 'I am feeling happy. Why? '

"The very attitude of philosophy is to make a problem out of any and every thing. If you are happy – why? That too becomes a problem. How to solve it? If you are sad, of course, why? If you are happy, again: why? It makes no difference to a philosopher what the case is – he creates problems out of it. A philosopher is a problem-creator. First he creates the problems, and then he starts solving them.

"In the first place the problems are false, they are not there."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

problems… intelligentsia… philosophers… alive… enemy… interdependence… playing… vedas… galileo… kropotkin

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