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Mind Games

Talk #5 of the Series, Just Like That

"Every man, and you are included in it, lives a closed life, lives in his own world. There is not one world around you, there are as many worlds as there are minds. Each mind has its own world and is closed. Sometimes you come in close contact with other worlds, but that is only on the periphery. Your centers remain separate, and they go on living in their own capsule.

"The mind is a wall around you. You are enclosed in it as a prisoner. But the wall is transparent. It is a glass wall made of only thoughts, prejudices, theories, scriptures; that's why you cannot touch it, that's why you are not even aware of it. But you live behind it, and whatsoever you see and feel is not the fact."
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Osho continues:
"It is an interpretation.

"You look at a woman and you feel: How beautiful! This is an interpretation. Somebody else may not agree with you. And somebody else may absolutely disagree with you. You think she is the paradigm of beauty, and somebody else thinks that she is just homely, can be tolerated, that's all. And somebody else thinks that she is positively ugly, the worst that he has ever seen; she is a nightmare, not a beautiful dream.

"What are they talking about? Are they talking about the same woman? How can it be that they are talking about the same woman and they differ so much? They are not talking about the same woman. The same woman is an illusion. They are talking about different interpretations. The woman is being used just like a screen, and they are projecting their own minds on her. They are seeing whatsoever they want to see. They are seeing whatsoever they are capable of seeing. They are seeing whatsoever they are conditioned to see from the very beginning. It is an interpretation, it is not a fact.

"That's why aesthetics for centuries have been trying to define what beauty is. They have not yet been able; they will never be able to define it because beauty is not a fact. It doesn't belong to the world of reality, it is an interpretation – and so is ugliness.

"And the same is true about all dualities, because the reality is one. The reality is not two. It is neither ugly nor beautiful; it is simply there without any beauty and without any ugliness. There is no question of any comparison because nothing else exists besides it. It is the only reality. There is no other reality, so how can you compare what is beautiful and what is ugly, and what is good and what is bad, and what is divine and what is evil? No, only one exists. All divisions are of the mind.

"You say someone is good, some other man is bad. You think someone is a saint and you think someone else is a sinner. All projections, all interpretations. That's why Jews thought Jesus to be a criminal."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

reality… aware… dance… individual… kundalini… listening… god… criminal… seeing… hillary

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