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Remember, Remember!

Talk #1 of the Series, The Language of Existence

"Maneesha, before I discuss these very significant statements, I have to inaugurate Avirbhava's Museum of Gods. She has brought a few great gods, but before she brings her gods before you I have to say something about them.

"Octopus: On the island of Corfu in the Greek archipelago, the octopus was worshipped as an incarnation of one of the Greek gods.

"Known as the most evil of the sea animals, the innocent octopus acquired the name 'devil-fish' by fearful ancient fishermen.

"The second is, Crocodile: Among the southern Bantus of Africa, the crocodile is considered sacrosanct.

"The Egyptian god Sebek was believed to take the shape of a crocodile; sometimes he was represented as wholly animal, sometimes only with a crocodile head. Offerings of cake, meat, and honey wine were made to the sacred crocodiles, some of which were tamed by priests."
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Osho continues:
"Oracles were drawn from the crocodiles' behavior, and they were embalmed at death.

"And the third is, Lobster: The lobster was generally considered sacred among the ancient Greeks.

"In New Caledonia, the crab goddess, or demon, is known to have a sacred grove. On the trees in her grove are hung little packets of food for her. She is the enemy of married people, and is known to cause elephantiasis.

"Even today, the lobster is worshipped in the Isa district fishing villages of Japan. Huge replicas are paraded through the towns during their festivals.

"Before I ask Avirbhava to bring her newly acquired gods, I have heard a joke about an octopus:

"Klopski is overjoyed with his new pet octopus, Clyde. The magnificent creature drinks vodka like a fish, but also can play any musical instrument in the world.

"One evening, after polishing off a few bottles of vodka together, Clyde and Klopski go out to the Jumpin' Jellyfish Jazz Club.

"Klopski shouts, 'Hey, everybody! I will bet anyone here that my octopus can play anything anyone gives him.'

"Laughter fills the bar. Then Benny the banjo player says, 'Okay, I bet you fifty dollars he can't play my banjo.'

"Klopski nods enthusiastically, swallows back a shot of vodka and gives one to Clyde. The octopus swallows his drink and crawls onto the stage, grabbing not one but two banjos on the way.

"As he plays 'God Save The Queen,' he sneaks out a free tentacle and snatches another glass of vodka.

"'Hey, man,' yells Pete the piano player, 'that is cool. But I will bet you a hundred bucks he can't play my grand piano.'

"'Right!' yells Klopski, swallowing his vodka, and pouring one for the octopus. Clyde knocks back the vodka and jumps on the piano. Waving all his arms about wildly, Clyde plays the Polish national anthem stylishly.

"'That is fine,' comes a shout from the corner, 'but I will bet you five hundred dollars he will never be able to play this!' It is Hamish MacTavish, and be brings a big, old Scottish bagpipe up to Klopski.

"'Okay,' says Klopski. But before Klopski can touch it, Clyde leaps on the bagpipe, squeezing and tangling his arms all over it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

crowd… play… understand… buddhahood… desiring… gestures… daio

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