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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Language of Existence, # 7, (mp3) - reflection, believe, nagarjuna


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Talk #7 of the Series, The Language of Existence

"Maneesha, Zen is more like poetry, like music, like dance. It is not a philosophy; hence, no conceptual thinking can comprehend it. Mind is absolutely impotent as far as Zen is concerned. You have to go beyond mind to have some taste of Zen. Going beyond the mind simply means dropping all thoughts, creating a vacuum – a nothingness. But that nothingness is not empty; it is just like the sky. It is full of nothingness.

"And when your eyes are without any dust and your mind is without any thoughts, you see clearly, straight into reality. It is not a question of belief. You don't have to believe what you will be seeing, you have simply to clean your inner eye, your vision, and the reality will appear on its own accord, not according to anybody's belief."
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Osho continues:
"Hence, those who have beliefs never attain to reality.

"I am making a statement against all religions. They are all based on belief – believe first, then you will know. But once you believe you have closed the doors of inquiry, once you believe you have accepted your ignorance, your blindness. You have accepted that somebody else has known – 'What is the need for me to know? I have just to believe in Jesus Christ or Krishna or Buddha.' But when Buddha drinks the water, your thirst is not quenched; and when Jesus eats, your hunger does not disappear. Even these ordinary things, mundane, you have to experience individually – what to say about the ultimate experience? And Zen is the name of the ultimate experience.

"You cannot depend on anybody. You cannot believe anybody's experience. You have to drop all beliefs, all thoughts, all philosophies, all religions, and you have to go, utterly innocent, inside your own being.

"From there the door opens and life takes a new color, a new radiance, a new joy. Your words are no more empty, they contain overflowing significance. Your gestures become meaningful for the first time. Your actions have a poetry of their own. Your very movement is a dance because you have known the innermost blissfulness. It starts overflowing you in your actions, in your words, in your silences. It starts overflowing and reaching to others. You become almost a fountain, showering all around.

"Or you can say you become a beautiful lotus spreading, radiating its perfume all over the space; whether anybody is there or not is not the point. Even in the faraway forest the rose will spread its joy, its fragrance. Perhaps a passer-by may be enriched by it, but it is not the point, whether anybody gets it or not.

"When truth is realized, the overflowing of it is intrinsic. This you have to understand before I take up Tozan, because Tozan is one of the great masters. All his statements are just an overflowing of his experience; he is not quoting scriptures, he is simply sharing his experience.

"And whenever somebody is sharing his own experience it is not a question of belief or not – just enjoy it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

reflection… believe… gibberish… facade… radiant… sources… skin… nagarjuna… tozan… tathagata

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