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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Language of Existence, # 3, (mp3) - senses, religion, maitreya


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Seek Nothing Outside

Talk #3 of the Series, The Language of Existence

"Maneesha, I have to say something about my absence yesterday before I can enter into the discussion of Rinzai's statements. I could not come yesterday because Anando took all my clothes to some dry cleaner. First I thought the dry cleaner must be in Pune, but by the end of the evening it became clear that the dry cleaner was in Bombay. And in the night she phoned to say that she was going to Switzerland, with all the twelve suitcases of Avirbhava full of my clothes for dry cleaning!

"Somehow she had to be persuaded to come back, because without clothes the government will have immediate reason to arrest me. Fortunately she has returned from Bombay. The whole credit of my being here today goes to her.
'Followers of the Tao,' said Rinzai, 'this mountain monk's view does not differ from that of Sakyamuni Buddha.'

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Osho continues:
"In fact he is saying that not only are his thoughts actually the same as Gautam Buddha's, all the buddhas, past and present and future, have the same insight, the same illumination. But he can say only about himself for the simple reason that this is his actual experience. Since the moment when his buddhahood became known to him, he has been watching that every action, every activity, every response is exactly that of Sakyamuni Gautam Buddha.
'In all the variety of our daily activities, is their anything lacking? The spiritual light manifesting through the six senses…'
"The six senses have to be noted down. Ordinarily we talk only of five senses; the sixth is dormant. The moment you turn in, the sixth sense starts working. Hence when the Buddhists talk about six senses it amazes people – where is the sixth sense? It is not visible, it is when you close your eyes: suddenly you see a new sense penetrating in your interiority which you have never known before. It has always been there, but you have never turned inwards. So Buddha always talks about six senses.
'The spiritual light manifesting through the six senses has never been interrupted.'
"Now it should be made seven senses, for the simple reason…Up until this century physiologists were not aware that in your ear there are two senses, not one. One is the sense of hearing and the other is the sense of balance. The drunkard wavers, wobbles as he walks, for the simple reason that the alcohol affects the sense of balance. He wants to put his foot in one place, and it goes to another. This sense that is hidden in the ear has never been mentioned in the past, because it is not as manifest as eyes, ears or hands. The poor drunkard suffers because of the sixth sense.

"So I would like to change the order. The seventh sense is the buddha-sense, the buddha-eye. The sixth you all have. Somebody hits on your ear, and suddenly you feel the whole world moving – that is the sixth sense.

"A drunkard is trying hard to open the lock of his door. His wife had got tired of him; he won't listen, he will come home whenever he feels like it – in the middle of the night…So she said, 'You keep the key and you silently open the door, go into the room, and sleep."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

senses… religion… beautiful… nourishment… quality… seekers… watching… maitreya… sakyamuni… rinzai

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