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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Language of Existence, # 5, (mp3) - skin, buddhas, epicurus


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The Gateway of the Buddhas

Talk #5 of the Series, The Language of Existence

"Maneesha, before I discuss Torei's serious things, I have to introduce a few new animal gods into Avirbhava's Museum of Gods. Before I call her, I will have to tell you something about these gods.

"Sheep: The male sheep is known as a ram and has been a symbol of numerous gods. Osiris and Ammon-Ra of Egypt were both worshipped as rams. The ram was sacrificed each year in Egypt. It was skinned and the skin placed over an image of the god, recalling the time when Ammon-Ra was incarnated in the form of a ram.

"Apes: In ancient Egypt, apes were considered sacred and were preserved by embalming them at death.

"Mouse: One of the greatest of the Greek gods, Apollo, was known to take the form of a mouse in his role as sender of the plague."
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Osho continues:
"Apollo, the sun god, would incarnate as mice and rats to dispel the forces of night.

"Horse: In Hinduism, the tenth incarnation of Vishnu is a white horse, Kalki. It has not yet happened. Nine incarnations have happened; the tenth is awaited. The tenth will be called Kalki. It will be a white horse, who is to come to judge the world at the end of this yuga, the fourth and the last cycle of one million, eight hundred thousand years in the Hindu concept of the world. He will destroy the wicked, reward the good, and enable Vishnu to create a new world.

"It seems the time for Kalki is coming near. Beware of the white horse!

"Bull: In ancient Persia, the bull was worshipped as the god who caused the grass to grow. In Greece, the great god Zeus used the guise of a bull to seduce Europa, hoping thereby that his animal transformation would elude his ever-watchful wife, Hera, from detecting his adultery. The followers of Dionysius would kill a bull during midsummer festivals in honor of the great god Zeus.

"This Museum of Gods is not just a museum, it shows how human mind has remained retarded. Rather than bringing consciousness to its heights, man has been worshipping all kinds of animals. Even the future, the final incarnation of God in Hinduism, Kalki, is going to be a white horse – not a man, not a buddha. It shows the retardedness, the primitiveness of our intelligence. This museum will be a symbol to the whole world to remind them: 'This is what your forefathers have been doing, what you are doing. And you call it religion!'

"Before I ask Avirbhava to bring her new acquisitions, two little jokes about these gods.

"Late one night, Satan the devil and his partner, Lucifer the monkey, knock on the door of Pope the Polack's Vatican apartment. The Polack Pope comes to the door with an arm around his best friend, Simon the sheep.

"'Good evening, your phoniness,' says the devil, grinning cheekily and fondling his forked tail. 'My friend and I were wondering, do you have any midget nuns in your apartment?'

"'Certainly not!' snaps back the pope, trying to slam the door."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

skin… buddhas… enjoy… ecstasy… religiousness… scripture… realized… epicurus… lucifer… kalki

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