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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Language of Existence, # 9, (mp3) - tao, zen, rinzai


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Talk #9 of the Series, The Language of Existence

"Maneesha, Rinzai has a special place just as Bodhidharma has. Bodhidharma introduced Zen to China from India, and Rinzai introduced Zen to Japan from China. These two were key figures in creating a whole new approach to reality. You will see, at some points, it is so difficult not to say that this man has certainly seen the original face. He is not philosophizing, although his words are that of a philosopher.

"It is a strange fate that when a philosopher turns to the world of Zen, he never shows exactly what Zen is. He goes roundabout. He does not show Zen directly, immediately, because of his old training. For an ordinary human being who has not been trained in philosophy it is far easier to understand Zen. Rinzai was unfortunate in the sense that he was professionally a philosopher."
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Osho continues:
"So what can be said in a single sentence, he goes on elaborating about, around and around; you have to find that single sentence almost in a forest of words. He cannot forget his old habit of conceptualization – he tries his best.

"This was not the case with Mahakashyapa who created Zen. He was not a philosopher, he was a very simple, innocent man. And Zen was born out of a laughter – that you should never forget – because Mahakashyapa laughed at the very stupidity of a philosopher asking a question about the ultimate reality. You can ask questions about relative reality, about the outside world, and you can get answers, too. All the encyclopedias are full of those answers. But you cannot raise a question about your inner reality. There is no question and no answer. There is absolute silence; no dust is raised, just a pure, clean sky. What question can you make out of it?

"Philosophy in a way avoids the inner world because in the inner world there is no place for philosophy. It talks about God and it talks about paradise and it talks about a thousand and one things, just avoiding one thing – yourself. In other words, philosophy is an avoidance of reality, not an inquiry into reality.

"Rinzai tried his hardest to forget the old training of his mind, and once in a while he succeeded. There was no difficulty for Bodhidharma. He never knew any scripture, he never knew any philosophy. He was a pure, original man – uncultured, uncultivated, absolutely raw. Zen fits with the original, uncultured, unsophisticated very well, because Zen is a gesture. All philosophies are linguistic.

"Zen has a totally different language of the presence of the master, of allowing his experience to filter into your being, of receiving with joy his song of silence, of being blessed when the master is showering all his blessings…like flowers falling on you with invisible mysteries. Zen has to create a totally existential language. Our ordinary language is good enough for theology, for religion, for philosophy, but not for Zen.

"I will tell you when he goes into his old habits, and when he remembers to come back to directly pointing to the truth."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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