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What's in a Name?

Talk #11 of the Series, Live Zen

What's in a name?

And the second question:It was such a relief when you had Niskriya hit me the other night both for being 'right' as well as being 'wrong.'
The relief at finding that right and wrong have no place here lasted until last night when I managed to label my being intellectual 'wrong,' and the whole silly game started up again.
How exquisite it must be to live in a world where there is no right and no wrong.

"Maneesha, name and form are the two most important things to be understood, because we live in the world of name and form. Both are illusory, both are invented. Both are mind-made, man-manufactured. Reality has no name and no form. If this is understood, then this small Zen dialogue will not be difficult to understand."
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Osho continues:
"It is very extraordinary of Kyozan to ask Sansho's name. Both are enlightened, awakened people. It is extraordinary, because to ask the name is to ask about the illusory and the non-essential.

"To ask about the name is to ask about the invented, not the existent.

"You were born without a name.

"Do you have a name?

"The name is just given to you – you never had any name. It is just a label, you can change it any moment you want. It has no substantiality in it; hence a great master like Kyozan, asking another master of the same category, Sansho, his name, is a very extraordinary dialogue.
Kyozan asks Sansho, 'What is your name?'
"Apparently in this dialogue you will not be able to find any great philosophy. Because our whole education is intellectual, is based on name and form, we take it for granted that everybody has a name.

"Kyozan's asking the name signifies in the first place, 'Are you awakened yet or still asleep in the world of name and form? Have you realized yet that you are nameless, anonymous? Have you found it, that you are no one in particular?' A very simple question, yet it contains immense significance – but only for those who can understand the language of Zen. For others it is very ordinary. Every day you ask people, 'What is your name?'

"Sansho could have said, 'My name is Sansho'; then it would not have been a great dialogue. But Sansho said, 'My name? – my name is Ejaku!'

"Rather than denying, saying that 'I have no name'…because even to say that 'I have no name' is to accept the reality of I, the namelessness of I. But he could not be caught in the net Kyozan has thrown.

"This is Zen play. When two masters meet, they ask questions, they answer questions, they provoke each other's lion's roar. Sansho said, 'My name is Ejaku.'

"Ejaku is not his name; Ejaku is Kyozan's name. Before he became enlightened, before he was initiated, his name used to be Ejaku. His master after initiation gave him the name Kyozan. Sansho did a good play; he said, 'My name is Ejaku.'

"A Zen dialogue has to be spontaneous, outrageous, sudden, unexpected."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

living… existential… enjoy… relax… sansho… abraham… bhagwandin… desai

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