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Just Be

Talk #7 of the Series, Live Zen

Isn't the lotus flower a lotus flower at its conception, when it is floating in the pond, and when it is plucked from the pond?

And: I have heard you tell us time and again that the realization of our enlightenment is inevitable – whether it be this minute, tomorrow, or the next life around.
Would you talk about where the individual's responsibility lies for what is going to happen anyway?

And the third question: What are the prerequisites for being a disciple?


"What is, is.

"It is never different.

"Its forms differ but its being remains the same.

"To live in the forms is to live in illusions.

"To see the being is to transcend the world.

"Only seeing is needed.

"What you are going to see is already there – has been there since eternity…waiting and waiting and waiting…."
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Osho continues:
"This is my comment.

"Chimon is one of the greatest masters.
A monk asked Chimon, 'What will the lotus flower be when it has not yet come out of the water?'
Chimon said, 'The lotus flower.'
The monk asked, 'What about when it is out of the water?'
Chimon said, 'The lotus leaves.'
"There ends the dialogue – it seems the monk has understood.

"Chimon has made an existential statement. Even in the seed the lotus flower is a lotus flower. You cannot see it but its being does not depend on your seeing. If it was dependent on your seeing, then certainly the seed cannot be called the lotus flower, it will be a lotus flower only when floating on the water with open leaves, dancing in the sun.

"But that which floats on the water, if it is not hidden in the seed, from where can it come? In the seed it was invisible to our eyes. Our eyes have their limitations; our eyes could see it only when it started floating on the water. That is our limitation; it is not a change as far as the lotus flower is concerned.

"Just a few days ago, in France a woman gave birth to a child. The doctors could not believe it; they were expecting something strange, but not what actually happened. The woman was a scientist working in an atomic plant…for nine months the child was exposed to radiation. The doctors were aware that something strange was going to happen, and something strange happened: the child was born with X-ray eyes; the child could see through your skin into your skeleton. That makes an important discovery, that eyes can be changed into X-ray mechanisms. Then you can see things which are hidden, then you can see things which are not available to other people's eyes.

"In the Soviet Union a certain photographer has developed a new kind of photography, Kirlian – that is his name – using very sensitive films. He can see the lotus flower in the seed. You give him the seed and his camera will give you the photograph of a lotus flower. Wait for six months, and then, when the lotus flower comes within the limits of visibility, you will be surprised."
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