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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Live Zen, # 15, (mp3) - zen, hofuku, tathagata


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Dragons Do Not Lie in Puddles

Talk #15 of the Series, Live Zen

With three pounds of drums, she pecks on the lotus leaf. Knowing a spiral when she hears one, she'll be beaten anyway.

My mind is coming to the boil! It is compelled to try and decipher these stories, even though that feels like reading the epitaph on one's own gravestone.
So I get my mind out, use it, give up, and put it away.
Then I get it out again, give up and put it away.
Then it gets out, uses me, gives up and puts me away.
I'm going insane or going in Zen! Help!
No, don't – keep doing it!
Or don't stop not doing what you don't do!
Osho, I take my head off to you.

"Maneesha, before Nivedano beats his drum and Niskriya cuts your head, I have to explain a few things of which you may not be aware."
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Osho continues:
"First is the word arhata. It simply means one who has overcome the enemies. In a better version, from where it is derived, it is called arihanta, which makes it clear that it has not only overcome the enemies: ari means the enemy and hanta means one who has murdered.

"And what are the enemies? There are three enemies: covetousness, anger and folly.

"In India, Hinduism is the sanatan, the eternal religion. One knows not when it started, who started it. Out of Hinduism, as a rebellion, two other religions have been born: one is Jainism, another is Buddhism. Jainism believes only in arhatas. Their word for it is arihanta; they don't know anything of the bodhisattva. The attitude of Jainism is, once a man has killed all the enemies – greed, jealousy, anger, lust – then there is no point for him even to speak a single word; he has nothing to convey. If anything is conveyed, it is conveyed by his presence. He is just like a well. If you are thirsty you go to the well, the well is not going to go running after you.

"Perhaps this was one of the reasons Jainism remained a very small religion. Although it has a very refined, sophisticated philosophical understanding, it has had no masters; it had only arhatas. They have achieved and their work was done. Compassion was not compulsory. Why should they bother about anybody's misery, suffering, darkness? Everybody anyway has to fight it on his own; you cannot force anybody to be enlightened. What is the point?

"Jainism has created many arhatas, great pinnacles of consciousness, but it has a very dry approach, a very inhuman approach. It does not consider at all those who are still struggling with darkness, blindness, who are still finding the path, who may be even going astray. The moment a man becomes an arhata, he cuts all his relationships with humanity, even the relationship of having a disciple.

"Gautam Buddha created another rebellion which culminated finally in Zen. It differed from Jainism only on this point: it brought a new concept, bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is one who has realized his being, who has become awakened, but his work has not ended; on the contrary, now his real work begins."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

zen… hofuku… tathagata… setcho

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