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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror, # 9, (mp3) - emptiness, clean, kalki


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Talk #9 of the Series, Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror

"Maneesha, care of Anando…. She is here – where else can she be? But she is hiding behind a migraine. You have to remember yesterday's anecdote. Master Ma Tzu was hiding behind tiredness: 'I am too tired to answer this question today. You go to Chizo.' The reality was that the question could not be answered. Chizo said, 'I am suffering from severe headache. It is better you go to Hyakujo.' Hyakujo simply gave up the secret; he simply said, 'I don't know.'

"The reason for Maneesha's migraine is the question she has asked. When we come to the question, you will understand why she has a migraine.

"The story she has brought:
On one occasion, a monk called on Ma Tzu and asked him, 'Who is the man who does not take all dharmas as his companions?'

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Osho continues:
"Ma Tzu himself was the man who had said, 'I am only the witness. All dharmas are just objects, I witness them. For example: compassion arises in me – I am not compassion. I can see it arising just like smoke arises out of fire, or flames arise out of fire. But I am not it.'

"Any dharma, any virtue, is as objective as anything else in the world. Only one thing is not objective in the world, and that is your very being – your witnessing self. It can never be made into an object; it is impossible to reduce it to an object. It will always remain the witness and can never become the witnessed.

"Except this, you cannot say anything more about it. And because it is not attached to any dharma, any attribute, it has an eternal life, it has an immortality, and it has a reach into the very depths of the universe.

"Ma Tzu was himself the man. The monk was asking Ma Tzu, 'Who is the man who does not take all dharmas as his companions?'

"He must be angry, because there are other Buddhist schools which say that all the dharmas belong to the self. Compassion, love, truth – all the dharmas are attributes of your being, branches of your own being, flowers of your own being. And this is a far bigger majority opinion.

"Ma Tzu is unique in his understanding that only one thing – witnessing – is the nature of your being. Everything else that can be witnessed falls separate from you. It becomes the other. The moment it is objectified, it becomes the other.

"The man must have been in anger when he asked this.
Ma Tzu replied, 'I will tell you this after you have swallowed all the water in the West River.'
"Seeing his anger, rather than answering him, Ma Tzu said, 'Just go to the river, and swallow all the water of the river. Even that much water may not be able to quench your anger. Then come back, and I will answer you.'

"Upon hearing this, the man suddenly must have become aware of his anger. That is the whole teaching of Zen."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

emptiness… clean… buddhahood… enjoy… need… objective… oceanic… kalki… jesus… hyakujo

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