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Talk #10 of the Series, Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror

"Maneesha, I have asked you to throw your migraine, and you did it. But you did it too close by, on poor Anando. She is my only link with the world. She is my news media, my television, my radio, my newspapers. I don't read anything, I don't hear anything, I don't see anything on the television. And because we were talking about the empty heart, your throwing was perfectly good – but it reached into the wrong place, in poor Anando. It had to reach her head, but it has reached into her heart.

"Her empty heart has received your migraine. Now, there is no such sickness in the whole world, and Doctor Indivar will be in immense difficulty to pull out the migraine from the heart. It is perfectly okay to have the mirror in the empty heart, but it is not right to have a migraine."
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Osho continues:
"There exists no medicine for it; Doctor Indivar will have to invent something-and I need her back urgently, because every morning, every evening she is my only contact with the world.

"So as far as Anando is concerned, it is Indivar's priority. And just because she received the migraine with the open heart, she has earned great virtue. The next series that begins tomorrow will be dedicated to her. She did perfectly well in keeping the heart open, even when you were throwing your migraine away. Most people will close their windows and doors in such situations. But she is a great disciple, and she understands intelligently what it means to have an open heart, to live in insecurity, to live without any safety, to be homeless.

"But Anando-you must be hearing me from your room-remember, no buddha has said, 'Keep your heart open when somebody is throwing a migraine.' You have done a miracle. There is an automatic system-if somebody is throwing dust at you, your eyes will close without any effort, on their own. And if somebody is throwing a migraine, naturally the heart will close. It will not receive it. But you dared to keep your heart open. You showed great courage. I can rely on you, that whatever happens you will keep your heart open. It may be painful, it may create anxiety, but that is only the beginning part.

"Gautam Buddha is reported to have said, 'What is bitter in the beginning is sweet in the end, and what is sweet in the beginning is bitter at the end.' It is an immense statement about all those who are the people of the path.

"The story Maneesha has brought:
Ma Tzu was one day teaching a monk. He drew a circle on the ground and said, 'If you enter it, I will strike you; if you do not enter it, I will strike you!'
"This is something very special in Zen. In different ways masters have used that device. If you say something, I will strike you; if you don't say something, I will strike you. In any case you will get the hit. The same is the situation here."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

emptiness… heart… center… space… eternal… hidden… opening… bodhgaya

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