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Talk #8 of the Series, Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror

"Maneesha, before I discuss Ma Tzu and his statements, I have to inaugurate another god to Avirbhava's Museum of Gods. This is a very important god. I will tell you about the god before Avirbhava brings it in front of you.

"The name of the god is horse. It has been worshipped around the world for centuries. Even today there are places where the horse is worshipped as a god.

"The horse or mare is one of the forms of the corn spirit in Europe.

"In Ancient Greece, Artemis and Aphrodite were associated with the horse, and Cronus is said to have taken the form of a horse.

"In Gaul, there was a horse goddess called Epona and a horse god called Rudiobus.

"The goddess mares, Medb of Tara and Macha of Ulster, were thought to have powers of the dead."
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Osho continues:
"Horse worship also existed in Persia, where white horses were regarded as holy. In the Teutonic regions they were kept in holy enclosures.

"Here, in India, in earlier times, horses were sanctified, and the cult exists still today. Koda Pen is the horse god of the Gonds.

"In ancient India horses were not only worshipped, they were also sacrificed to please God. It was not only horses who were sacrificed; cows were killed, even man was killed as a sacrifice. For cows, the ritual was called gomedhgo means cow. For horses, the ritual was called ashvamedha. Ashva means horse, medha means killing. For man the ritual was called narmedha. Nar means man and medha means killing.

"And these are the people who go on making a great fuss about stopping cow slaughter. They have slaughtered even man in the name of God. They themselves have slaughtered cows, horses, in the name of God. Sacrificing a living man in the name of God is very symbolic. To me it has more significance than just an ordinary sacrifice. The whole of humanity has been sacrificed by all the religions in the name of God.

"You are living a crippled life because of the religions. They have not killed you, but they have not left you alive either. They have crippled you. They have cut you into parts. Certain parts in you have to be removed. Certain parts in you are worshipped, certain parts are condemned. Your wholeness is not accepted by any religion in the world. These religions are thought to be very intelligent, and they are worshipping animals of all kinds!

"The first Hindu incarnation of God is the fish. Of course in Bengal, fish is eaten as something holy; rice and fish are their basic foods. The whole of Bengal stinks of fish. Every house has beautiful trees, even the poorest, and a beautiful pond in which they grow and cultivate fish. The scene is beautiful, very green. Nowhere is it so green as in Bengal, and every house has a pond, a big pond surrounded by big trees. You can know the riches of the family by the size of their pond."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meaning… message… center… moment… philosophical… living… witnessing… hyakujo… napoleon… birbal

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