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The Mirror

Talk #1 of the Series, Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror

"Maneesha, we are starting a new series of talks: Ma Tzu: The Empty Mirror. Ma Tzu is also known as Baso. I am not using the name Baso, because our second series is going to be on the Japanese Basho – the great mystic poet of Zen. And the name Ma Tzu is itself more meaningful than his popular name, Baso.

"Before I discuss the sutras, a biographical note on Ma Tzu is absolutely needed, because he is not known to the world. He is one of those unfortunate geniuses whom the world tries in every way to ignore, to forget that they even exist. Even the idea that they exist hurts the ego of the crowd. It has been doing harm to every genius, because the very existence of a genius reduces you to a retarded being."
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Osho continues:
"Every enlightened master is evidence that you are living in darkness, that you have to transform your darkness into life, into light.

"It seems to be such a great task – it is not, but it appears to be a great task – to transform your blindness into clear perceptive eyes; to transform your darkness into beautiful morning light. It is a simple thing, the simplest in the world, but just because it is simple, it does not appeal to the mind. Mind is interested in doing great things. The desire behind every ambition of the mind is to be special. And you can be special only with special achievements.

"The problem with Zen is that it wants you to be utterly simple, not special. It goes against the very desire of the mind, which is not a small phenomenon – it is a four-million-years-old desire, which everybody is carrying in different lives. Mind cannot understand why you should be simple when you could be special, why you should be humble when you could be powerful. And mind is heavy, it has the great weight of the past. The moment the mind sees anyone humble, simple, natural, a buddha, it immediately condemns him, because such a man goes against the whole makeup of the human mind.

"And in a way the mind is right. To be a buddha you will have to drop the mind completely, you will have to become an empty mirror.

"Ma Tzu was born in China in the year 709. He was the most important figure in the history of Zen after the sixth patriarch, Eno. Eno told Nangaku, who would become Ma Tzu's master, about a prophecy that Nangaku would have 'a spirited young horse' of a disciple who would 'trample the whole world.' In Chinese, the 'Ma' of Ma Tzu means 'horse'. As a child, Ma Tzu joined a local monastery; before he was twenty, he was already a professed monk.

"He was a born genius, and even had prophecies about him by other masters – that he is not to be taken as just xyz, he has a possibility of becoming a great master – and the prophecies were fulfilled."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

statues… potential… intention… ecstatic… relaxation… watchful… nangaku… alexander

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