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The Mysterious One

Talk #7 of the Series, The Miracle

"Maneesha, one of the most important things to be understood is that language goes on changing with time. What looked very significant one thousand years ago will not look very significant now. What was thought to be very profound in the times of Gautam Buddha will be thought to be childish today.

"Talking on these ancient masters I am in a constant difficulty because their language does not fit with contemporary intelligence. I have to bring the essence into a contemporary context, otherwise it will look just mythological…talking about nonsense. Perhaps it was possible for the primitive man not to object to it, but for the modern mind it is impossible not to object.

"The master's whole position should be such that your trust deepens and is not disturbed. If the master disturbs your trust he is taking you farther away from yourself, because your undisturbed being – settled, centered, at home – is the realization of truth."
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Osho continues:
"So I have to be very careful with all these old masters. They use the language of their times. It was perfectly right then, and today the essence is perfectly right, but the language is no more relevant. It is true about all the masters I will be speaking to you about. It is not only about Rinzai; I will tell you where it becomes difficult for the contemporary intelligence.
Rinzai said:
If you want to be comfortably independent, free from birth and death and free to go or stay, you should recognize the one who is here now listening to my expounding of the dharma.
"In a simpler way, what he is saying is: 'Don't be concerned with what I say, but be concerned with who is listening in you. It does not matter what I am saying. What matters is that you are awake and listening.' Listening is a great art. Just experience the listener, and you will not go astray.

"Particularly Zen masters want you to be free from birth and death. That is not the case with other so-called religions. Most of the religions prevalent in the world begin with birth and end with death. The East has concentrated its genius on a single point: to search where we were before we were born, and whether we are going to survive death.

"And, without any exception, the extraordinary conclusion that has been found is that if we go deep enough into ourselves, there is a space which is eternal, immortal. It knows nothing of birth, nothing of death. It is simply a traveler – an eternal traveler. It is an explorer of different forms, different ways of being. It has been in a tree and blossomed into flowers; it has been in a lion and roared like a lion; it has been throughout the universe in different forms. It is a great journey. If you can see the variety of the experiences…

"Man is at a point from where he can either continue the journey into forms, or he can jump out of the circle of birth and death and merge into the universe – losing his individuality, becoming one with the cosmos."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

seek… watcher… action… hindrance… magdalen… rinzai… lazarus… eve… mozart

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