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The Taste of the Pudding

Talk #16 of the Series, The Mustard Seed

"Man is born a slave, and remains a slave all his life; a slave of desires, lust, a slave of the body, or of the mind, but all the same, slavery continues. From the moment you are born to the moment you die, it is a long struggle against slavery. And religion consists of being free. Religion is freedom, freedom from all slavery. But man goes on playing with himself, goes on fooling himself, because that is easy.

"To be completely free is very difficult. It will need a crystallization within you, it will need a center. And right now there is no center in you, you are not a crystallized being, you are just a chaos. You may be like an assembly, but you are not like an individual."
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Osho continues:
"Sometimes one desire overpowers you and then that becomes the chairman of the assembly. Only a few minutes later the chairman is gone, or thrown out, then another desire overtakes you. And with each desire you get identified with, you say, 'I am this.'

"When sex is in the chair, you become the sex; when anger is in the chair, you become the anger; when love is in the chair, you become the love. And you never remember the fact that you cannot be this or that, sex, anger, love. No, you cannot be, but you get identified with the chair: whatsoever is powerful in the moment you move with. And this chairman goes on changing, because whenever a desire is temporarily fulfilled it is thrown out of the chair. Then another, which is next to it, thirsty, hungry, demanding, becomes the chairman. And you get identified with every desire, with every slavery.

"This identification is the root cause of all slavery, and unless this identification disappears you will never be free. Freedom means the disappearance of identification with the body, mind, heart, whatsoever you call it. This is the basic fact to be understood: man is a slave, born a slave, born crying and howling for some desires to be fulfilled. The first thing a child is going to do when he is born is to cry. And that remains your whole life, crying for this or that. The child cries for milk; you may be crying for a palace, or for a car, or for something else, but the crying continues. It stops only when you are dead.

"Your whole life is a long cry, that's why there is so much suffering. Religion gives you the keys to make you free, but you being a slave, and the life of slavery being convenient, comfortable, you create mock religions which don't give you any freedom, which simply give you new types of slavery. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, or Islam, organized, established, as they are, are new sorts of imprisonments.

"Jesus is freedom, Mohammed is freedom, Krishna is freedom, Buddha is freedom, but not Buddhism, not Mohammedanism, not Christianity, not Hinduism: they are mock. So a new slavery is born; not only are you a slave to your desires, your thoughts, your feelings, your instincts, but you become slaves to the priests."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

feminine… meeting… freedom… slavery… prison… miser… fasting… ecstasy… disappear… siddhartha

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