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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Mustard Seed, # 12, (mp3) - lie, guilty, jesus


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Come Out and I'll Show You

Talk #12 of the Series, The Mustard Seed

"Whenever there is a man like Jesus or Buddha, you try to escape from him in every possible way because he is just like a death to you. Of course, you will rationalize your escape, you will find clever reasons why you are escaping. You will argue in your mind, 'That man is not a Christ, that man is not yet enlightened.' You will find something wrong in the man, so that you can feel at ease. You will avoid the man. It is dangerous to encounter him because he can live, he can see through you; you become transparent to him. You cannot hide yourself from him, you cannot hide the falseness that you are; before him, you are just like an open book.

"And you have been hiding your whole life."
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Osho continues:
"Your whole life you have been trying to live a false, inauthentic life; you have been living in lies, and he will see through you. Before him you will become a trembling leaf; before him you will be reduced to your truth; before him you cannot manage your false image. He will be a catastrophe. So only those who are very courageous can come near to a Jesus. The greatest courage is needed to come near a man like Jesus. That means you are ready to take the jump into the abyss, you are ready to lose yourself.

"To move with Jesus in the insecurity of the unknown, in the uncharted, in the ocean where the other shore is not visible, tremendous courage is needed. And this is the problem: very few will follow Jesus. Those who escape will miss him, and they will miss the very meaning of their own lives, because when you try to escape Jesus, deep down you are trying to escape from your own truth. He is nothing but your future: you are a seed, he is the tree; he has come to bloom, he is your future, he is your possibility. Escaping from him, you are escaping from your own ultimate possibility.

"But it is not certain that those who come near will encounter Jesus just by coming near. Those who escape, have escaped: finished! But those who come near, live near – even living near – can avoid Jesus, because they can be near him for the wrong reasons. So, out of thousands, few will choose him. And those few who choose him, they will not all be with him for the right reasons. And those who are with him for the wrong reasons will also miss him.

"You can be with an enlightened person for the wrong reasons. Look for the reasons why you seek: why do you go to a master? What are your real reasons? Are you seeking truth? Rarely is a man seeking truth. You may be seeking happiness, but not truth. Happiness happens when truth is achieved. But if you are seeking happiness you cannot achieve truth, because happiness is a byproduct; you cannot achieve it directly, there is no way to it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

lie… guilty… ease… discovery… relaxation… aloneness… caliber… jesus… matthew… rinzai

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