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Take No Thought

Talk #4 of the Series, The Mustard Seed

"Man lives not as he is but as he would like to be: not with the original face, but with a painted, false face. That is the whole problem. When you are born you have a face of your own – nobody has disturbed it, nobody has changed it – but sooner or later the society starts working on your face. It starts hiding the original, the natural, the one you were born with, and then many faces are given to you for different occasions because one face won't do.

"Situations change so you need many false faces, masks. From the morning till the evening, from the evening till the morning, thousands of faces are used. When you see a man approaching who is powerful, you change your mask; when you see a man who is a beggar approaching you, you are different."
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Osho continues:
"The whole time, moment to moment, there is a constant change in the face.

"One has to be alert about it because it has become so mechanical that you need not be aware of it, it goes on changing by itself. If a servant comes in the room you don't even look at him. You act as if he is not a man, as if he doesn't exist, as if nobody has entered. But when the boss comes in the room you suddenly jump up, you have a smiling face, receiving, welcoming, as if God himself has entered the room.

"Watch your face, the changes that continuously occur. Look in the mirror and think of the many faces that you can change. Look in the mirror and bring the face that comes when you approach your wife; look at the face that comes when you approach your beloved; look at the face when you are greedy, when you are angry; create the face when you feel sexual; create the face when you feel dissatisfied, frustrated. And watch in the mirror, you will find you are not one man, you are a crowd. And sometimes it will be difficult even to recognize that all these faces belong to you. A mirror can be a great blessing. You can meditate in the mirror, change your faces and look at them. This will give you a glimpse of how false your whole life has become. And none of these faces is you.

"In Zen it has been one of the deepest meditations: to find your original face, the one you had before you came to this world; and the one you will have when you leave this world, because you cannot carry all those faces with you. They are gimmicks, techniques to deceive, techniques to defend yourself, they are armors around you. Those faces have to be dropped, only then can you see Jesus, because when you see your original face you have seen Jesus.

"Jesus is nothing but your original face, Buddha is nothing but your original face. Buddha is not outside you, neither is Jesus. When you drop all the falsity and you are naked – just the original you, without any change, modification – you are Jesus; Jesus in his absolute glory is revealed."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

recognize… look… original… brain… opposite… guilt… potential… prison… eve… adam

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