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Movement and Rest

Talk #17 of the Series, The Mustard Seed

"The deepest urge in man is to be totally free. Freedom, moksha, is the goal. Jesus calls it the kingdom of God: to be like kings, just symbolically, so that there is no fetter to your existence, no bondage, no boundary. You exist as infinity, nowhere do you clash with anybody else, as if you are alone.

"Freedom and aloneness are two aspects of the same thing. That's why Mahavira called his concept of moksha, kaivalya. Kaivalya means to be absolutely alone, as if nobody else exists. When you are absolutely alone, who will become a bondage to you? When nothing else is there, who will be the other? That's why those who are in search of freedom will have to find their solitariness; they will have to find a way, means, method to reach their aloneness."
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Osho continues:
"Man is born as part of the world, as a member of a society, of a family, as part of others. He is brought up not as a solitary being, he is brought up as a social being. All training, education, culture, consists of how to make a child a fitting part of the society, how to make him fit with others. This is what psychologists call adjustment. And whenever somebody is a solitary he looks maladjusted.

"Society exists as a network, a pattern of many persons, a crowd. There you can have a little freedom, at much cost. If you follow the society, if you become an obedient part to others, they will lease you a little world of freedom. If you become a slave, freedom is given to you. But it is a given freedom, it can be taken back any moment. And it is at a very great cost: it is an adjustment with others, so boundaries are bound to be there.

"In society, in a social existence, nobody can be absolutely free. The very existence of the other will create trouble. Sartre says, 'The other is hell,' and he is right to a very great extent because the other creates tensions in you; you are worried because of the other. There is going to be a clash, because the other is in search of absolute freedom, you are also in search of absolute freedom – everybody needs absolute freedom – and absolute freedom can exist only for one.

"Even your so-called kings are not absolutely free, cannot be. They may have an appearance of freedom but that is false: they have to be protected, they depend on others. Their freedom is just a facade. But still, because of this urge to be absolutely free, one wants to become a king, an emperor. The emperor gives a false feeling that he is free. One wants to become very rich, because riches also give a false feeling that you are free. How can a poor man be free? His needs will be the bondage, and he cannot fulfill his needs. Everywhere he moves will be the wall which he cannot cross.

"Hence the desire for riches: deep down is the desire to be absolutely free, and all desires are created by it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

society… freedom… understand… meaning… beautiful… eternity… movement… nobody… magdalene… byron

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