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Parenthood: Giving Your Child a Wholeness

Talk #14 of the Series, My Way: The Way of the White Clouds

You said every child is born a god, yet my two children were very different right from birth. One is very serene and god-like, but the other seemed disturbed before she was influenced by any conditioning. How should we deal with the difficult one?

"This raises a very basic question. Existence itself is divine; so from where does the evil come? From where does the bad, the immoral, the unacceptable come? The good is okay because we have made it synonymous with God – good means God. But from where does the bad come? This has puzzled humanity for centuries. As far back as we can go, this problem has always been there in the mind of man.

"The logical solution, the solution that the mind can find, is to divide existence, to create a duality, to say that there is God, which is good, and there is evil, the devil, Beelzebub, Satan, which is bad."
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Osho continues:
"Mind thinks the problem is solved – so all that is bad comes from the devil, and all that is good comes from God. But the problem is not solved; the problem is only pushed back a little. The problem remains the same. You have pushed it back a step, but nothing is solved – because from where does the devil come?

"If God is the creator, then he must have created the devil in the beginning, in the first place. Or God is not the supreme creator – the devil has always been there, just as an enemy, the antagonistic force – then both are eternal. If the devil is not created then the devil cannot be destroyed, so the conflict will continue eternally. God cannot win – the devil will always be there disturbing.

"This is the problem for Christian theology, Mohammedan theology, Zoroastrian theology, because all these three theologies have followed the simple solution that mind suggests. But mind cannot solve it. There is another possibility which doesn't come from the mind and will be difficult for the mind to understand. That possibility has arisen in the East, particularly in India, and that possibility is that there is no devil, there is no basic duality – only God exists, there is no other force. This is what advait – the non-dual philosophy – means: only God is. But still we see the evil is there!

"Hindus say that the evil exists in your interpretation, not in itself. You call it bad because you cannot understand it or because you are disturbed by it. It is your attitude that makes it bad or appear bad. There is no evil. Evil cannot exist. Only God exists, only the divine exists.

"Now I will take your problem against this background. Two children are born – one is good, one is bad. Why do you call one good and why do you call the other bad? Is it really, is it reality – or your interpretation? Which child is good, and why? If the child is obedient the child is good; if the child is disobedient the child is bad. One who follows you is good, one who resists is bad."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

accept… experience… grow… sexual… rebellious… individual… mistake… lying… beelzebub… meera

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