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The Mystery of Relationship

Talk #7 of the Series, My Way: The Way of the White Clouds

Would you talk to us about our living partners – our wives, husbands and lovers. When should we persevere with a partner, and when should we abandon a relationship as hopeless – or even destructive? And are our relationships influenced by previous lives?

"Relationship is one of the mysteries. And because it exists between two persons, it depends on both. Whenever two persons meet a new world is created. Just by their meeting a new phenomenon comes into existence which was not there before, which never existed before. And through this new phenomenon both persons are changed and transformed.

"Unrelated, you are one thing; related, immediately you become something else. A new thing has happened. A woman, when she becomes a lover is no longer the same woman."
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Osho continues:
"A man when he becomes a father is no longer the same man. A child is born, but we miss one point completely – that the moment the child is born the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother never. And a mother is something absolutely new.

"Relationship is created by you, but then, in its turn, relationship creates you. Two persons meet, that means two worlds meet. It is not a simple thing but very complex, the most complex. Each person is a world unto himself or herself, a complex mystery with a long past and an eternal future.

"In the beginning only peripheries meet. But if the relationship grows intimate, becomes closer, becomes deeper, then by and by centers start meeting. When centers meet it is called love. When peripheries meet it is acquaintance. You touch the person from the without, just from the boundary, then it is acquaintance. And many times you start calling your acquaintance your love. Then you are in a fallacy. Acquaintance is not love.

"Love is very rare. To meet a person at his center is to pass through a revolution yourself, because if you want to meet a person at his center you will have to allow that person to reach to your center also. You will have to become vulnerable, absolutely vulnerable, open. It is risky. To allow somebody to reach your center is risky, dangerous, because you never know what that person will do to you. And once all your secrets are known, once your hiddenness has become unhidden, once you are exposed completely, you never know what that other person will do. The fear is there, that's why we never open.

"Just acquainted and we think that love has happened. Peripheries meet and we think we have met. You are not your periphery. Really, the periphery is the boundary where you end, just the fencing around you; it is not you. The periphery is the place where you end and the world begins. Even husbands and wives who may have lived together for many years may be just acquaintances. They may not have known each other. And the more you live with someone, the more you forget completely that your centers have remained unknown."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

silence… silent… center… relationship… present… sex… naked… future… known… alchemical

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