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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The New Dawn, # 21, (mp3) - genetic, totalitarian, possibilities


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Genetic Science: for Those Who Love Creation

Talk #21 of the Series, The New Dawn

"Devageet, I can understand your concern; it is my concern too. But there are many things to be understood. The first is, never act out of fear. If man had acted out of fear there would have been no progress possible.

"For example, the people who invented bicycles…can you ever think of any danger? It is simply inconceivable that bicycles can be dangerous. But then the Wright brothers made the first flying machine out of the parts of bicycles. The whole world rejoiced – because nobody could have foreseen that airplanes would be used to destroy cities, millions of people, in the first world war.

"But the same airplanes are carrying millions of people around the world. They have made the world small, they have made it possible to call the world just a global village."
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Osho continues:
"They have made bridges between peoples, they have brought together people of different races, religions, languages in such a way that no other invention has been able to do. So the first thing to remember is that acting out of fear is not the right way.

"Act cautiously, with consciousness, remembering the possibilities and the dangers, and creating the atmosphere to prevent those dangers. Now, what can be more dangerous than nuclear weapons in the hands of the politicians? You have put the most dangerous thing into their hands.

"Now, in fact there is no need to be afraid; even nuclear weapons can be used creatively. And I have a deep trust in life, that they will be used creatively. Life cannot allow itself to be destroyed so easily, it is going to give tremendous resistance. In that resistance is hidden the birth of a new man, of a new dawn, of a new order, of the whole of life and existence.

"According to me, nuclear weapons have made a great war impossible. Gautam Buddha could not do it, Jesus Christ could not do it. All the saints of the world together have been talking about nonviolence, no war; they could not succeed. But nuclear weapons have done their job.

"Seeing that the danger is so big, all the politicians are trembling deep down, that if a third world war begins the whole of life will be destroyed – and they will be included in it. They cannot save themselves. Nothing can be saved. This is a great chance for all those who love creation. This is the moment when we can turn the whole trend of science towards creativity.

"Remember one thing: that science is neutral. It simply gives you power. Now, how to use it depends on you, depends on the whole of humanity and its intelligence. Science gives us more power to create a better life, to create more comfortable living, to create more healthy human beings – rather than preventing…just out of fear that some totalitarian power may misuse it.

"Everything can be misused. And Devageet himself is a doctor; he himself belongs to the category of scientists. He should understand one thing, that everything that can harm can also be of tremendous benefit."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

genetic… totalitarian… possibilities… risks… future… otherwise… outside… genetics

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