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Words from the Silences of Your Heart

Talk #14 of the Series, The New Dawn

"Life is such a mystery that the more you know the more you become aware of your ignorance. Or in other words, the more you know it, the less you know it. And the day you know it all, you know nothing.

"It has been said that science starts from not knowing and ends in knowing – that's exactly the meaning of the word science: knowing. And religion starts from knowing and reaches to its climax in not knowing – because not knowing is another name of innocence. And if religion cannot bring you back your childhood, and the freshness of childhood, and the wondering eyes of childhood, it is not religion at all.

"Whatever is happening to you is perfectly the way it should happen. You have every right to say what you have experienced, what you have felt, what changes you have gone through."
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Osho continues:
"It is most important to say it, because it is unfortunately the situation that people who know nothing about me even write books against me.

"All over the world, in all the languages, people who have never come in contact with me, have never heard me, feel perfectly right in writing all kinds of lies and rumors and allegations without any foundation, without any factuality behind them. The negative person is always very articulate, because to say no, you don't need any intelligence; any idiot can do it. But to say yes needs tremendous courage, and a great intelligence. And the people who say yes, the people who feel yes, are always keeping their secret hiding in their heart. This creates a very unbalanced situation. Those who don't know me go on writing anything, out of the blue.

"Now there is an article in a German magazine, Spiegel, saying that I am trying to come to Germany and create a commune in Germany on the same lines as was created in America. So the government has to be aware, and the people of Germany have to be aware. Now, from where do these people get these ideas? I have not even dreamt about going to Germany. Even if they want me to be there, I will refuse. A few days ago in Israel, a Hebrew newspaper had an article saying that the people of Israel have to be clearly aware of the danger, because I am planning to come to Israel. And they say my strategy is that I will be converted to the religion of the Jews, and once I am a Jew, then I will declare that I am the incarnation of Moses!

"What to do with these people? – and people read them, people believe them. And the people who know me, who have come into deep inner communion with me, who have experienced me, remain silent.

"It is not new. It is part of a strange human psychology. The positive person is humble; even to say something he feels embarrassed, because he knows that whatever he is going to say is not going to be up to the experience that he had."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

truth… wisest… childhood… sleeping… responses… turgenev… darwin

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