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The Flavor of an Enlightened Being

Talk #5 of the Series, Nirvana: The Last Nightmare

"Metaphysics is nonsense, but even then it must be serving some object, otherwise it would not have existed so long. Man finds himself helpless in a strange world, unfamiliar – not only unknown, but unknowable also. This darkness, this cloud of unknowing, disturbs the human mind tremendously. Somehow he has to console himself. Somehow he has to create knowledge.

"Even if that knowledge is not true knowledge, it will give an appearance that you are grounded. It will give an appearance that you are not absolutely helpless. You can pretend through it that you are not a stranger in this world – a chance, a coincidence – but a master. At least you can play with words and do whatsoever you like with words and can create a false illusion of your power."
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Osho continues:
"This is what metaphysics has always been doing. It gives you a sense of power where in fact no power exists in you. It gives you an illusion of knowledge where no knowledge really exists.

"The very word God becomes substantial. Just by using the word God, you feel as if you are doing something, as if you are relating to existence; as if you are not alone, a helpless child on the earth, but a father is taking care of you in heaven, continuously watching, worrying about you, about your welfare.

"This is a very childish attitude – but man is helpless. And there are very few men who really become mature. Men remain childish. And remember the difference between childishness and the innocence of children. To be childish is to be stuck somewhere. To be like children is to be simply innocent, flowing, with no blocks in your being.

"Man remains childish. The psychological age remains nearabout twelve; it never goes beyond that. You may become sixty, seventy, eighty – your physical body goes on moving in time – but your mind is stuck somewhere nearabout ten or twelve at the most.

"One thing: metaphysics…words like God, nirvana, enlightenment, almost become things. You start believing in words. If somebody suddenly shouts 'Fire!' a fear arises in you; you start running. You can create a nuisance in any theater at night. When the lights are put off, suddenly shout 'Fire! Fire!' and people will start running.

"The very word fire creates the illusion as if there is fire and life is in danger. The very word lemon…think about it, meditate on it, and saliva starts flowing in your mouth. The very word lemon? It has nothing in it. But man has become addicted to words.

"There is a school of linguists called The General Semantics Group, founded by Alfred Korzybski. They have a little song; it is relevant. Their song is:
Oh, the word is not the thing,
the word is not the thing.
Hi ho the derry-o,
the word is not the thing.
"That is their essential teaching.

"Of course, you cannot be burned by the word fire, and you cannot get wet from the word water."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

pope… reality… childish… feminine… controlling… illusory… metaphysics… copernicus… mendel… houdini

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