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Talk #3 of the Series, Nirvana: The Last Nightmare

"Seeking for something, desiring for something, is the basic disease of the mind. Not seeking, not desiring, is the basic health of your being.

"It is very easy to go on changing the objects of desire, but that is not the way of transformation. You can desire money, you can desire power; you can change the objects of desire – you can start desiring godliness – but you remain the same because you go on desiring. The basic change is to be brought not in the objects of desire, but in your subjectivity. If desiring stops – and remember, I am not saying that it has to be stopped – if desiring stops, then you are for the first time at home, peaceful, patient, blissful, and for the first time life is available to you and you are available to life."
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Osho continues:
"In fact, the very division between you and life disappears, and this state of non-division is the state of existence.

"People come to me from all over the world; they travel thousands of miles. When they come to me and I ask, 'Why have you come?' somebody says, 'I am a seeker of the divine.' Somebody says, 'I am a seeker of truth.'

"They are not aware what they are asking. They are asking the impossible. The divine is not a thing. The divine is not an object. You cannot seek it. Divinity is this whole. How can you seek the whole? You can dissolve in it, you can merge in it, but you cannot seek it. The seeking simply shows that you go on believing yourself separate from the whole – you, the seeker, and the whole, the sought.

"Sometimes you seek a woman, sometimes you seek a man. Sometimes, frustrated from the world, you start seeking the other world – but you are not yet frustrated with seeking itself.

"A seeker is in trouble. A seeker is confused. He has not understood the basic problem itself. It is not that you have to seek the divine and then everything will be solved. Just the opposite – if everything is solved, suddenly there is divinity.

"It happened once:

"A bookseller from south India wrote to a house in New Delhi asking that a dozen copies of the book Seekers after God be shipped to him at once.

"Within two days he received this reply by telegraph: 'No seekers after God in Delhi or Bombay. Try Pune.'

"Of course they are all here. The seeking is a disease. Don't make it an ego trip – because when somebody comes and says that he is a seeker after God, I can see the light of the ego that shows in his eyes; the condemnation of the world – that he is not a worldly man, he is a religious man. The way he says it shows his pride – that he is not an ordinary man, not part of the ordinary run of humanity. He is special, extraordinary. He is not seeking money, he is seeking meditation."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

seeking… nirvana… impatience… sacred… shadows… witnessing… muso… kafka… nietzsche

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