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The World of the Gurus Has Ended

Talk #7 of the Series, No-Mind: The Flowers of Eternity

"My Friends and my Fellow Travelers,

"I would have loved to use the Urdu words for the same, because they have a depth and a poetry…even the very sound of them rings bells in the heart. The ordinary meaning is the same: my friends, my fellow travelers. But I have a very insistent feeling within me to give you the most pregnant words.

"Those words are:

"Mehre hamsafar, Mehre hamdham, Mehre dost.

"Mehre hamsafar means 'my fellow travelers.' Mehre hamdham means 'my heart.' Mehre dost means 'my friend.' But such a vast difference….

"English has become more and more prose and less and less poetry, for the simple reason that it has been serving scientific and objective technological progress. It has to be definite, it cannot be poetic.

"You cannot write mathematics into poetry; neither physics, nor chemistry."
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Osho continues:
"Because of this predominant factor of science and technology, English has lost its glamour, its splendor, its music. It has to gain it back, because the objective side of life is not enough. Unless your heart is moved, the words are not very much pregnant with meaning and significance.

"These five days have been of immense significance. It can be said that almost never in the history of man has such a phenomenon happened. This has been the deep search of meditators for thousands of years, that once a man becomes enlightened, once a man becomes full of light and knows his own eternity, he disappears into the ultimate, into the cosmos. He cannot come again through the womb of a woman. He has no desires, he has no longings. He no longer has any of the passions which drag human souls again and again to the birth and death cycle.

"But once a man has gone beyond all these mind-produced desires, greed, and anger and violence, once one has come to the very center of his being, he is liberated. Liberated from himself, liberated from the body, liberated from the mind. For the first time he understands that the body will be only a prison. Now that his intuition has absolute clarity he can see that the body is nothing but disease and death – maybe a few moments of pleasure, which go on keeping you in the body in the hope that more pleasure…. But soon one realizes, if one has intelligence, that those pleasures are very phenomenal, illusory, just made of the same stuff as dreams are made of.

"The moment this recognition happens, your life energy simply opens its wings and flies into the open sky of the cosmos, to dissolve into the ultimate.

"But Gautam Buddha is an exception.

"In the form of a beautiful story, it is said that when Gautam Buddha died he reached the gates of paradise. There was so much ceremony to receive him, but he refused to enter. He insisted, 'Until every human being passes through the gates of paradise I cannot come in. It is against my compassion.'

"At the last moment of his death he has predicted that he will be coming back after twenty-five centuries."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

humanity… moment… actuality… cosmic… daiji… mendel… maitreya

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