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My Change Has Taken Me Higher

Talk #6 of the Series, No-Mind: The Flowers of Eternity

"My Beloved Ones,

"Geeta had to inform Katsue Ishida, the seeress and the prophetess of one of the most ancient shrines of the Shinto religion in Japan. Geeta was a little concerned that she would be disturbed and shocked, but on the contrary, Ishida was immensely happy.

"She said, 'I have not only prophesied that Gautam Buddha would be entering your master's being; I have also prophesied that, just as Buddha himself changed his name four times, your master would also do the same.'

"She said, 'My only concern is your master's health and his work. It does not matter whether Buddha remains in his being or not.'

"I am immensely grateful to Ishida for understanding the situation with clarity.

"Yes, it is true Gautam Buddha changed his name four times."
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Osho continues:
"And as I remember it, it was not worthy of him to do that. My change has taken me higher.

"I found Buddha too old and too much fixed in his approach to life. Finally I dropped all concern with anyone. I have chosen my own name: Zorba the Buddha.

"It has meaning, it is not just a name. It is my whole philosia; it is my whole vision, in which the lowest will meet with the highest, in which materialism and spiritualism will not be two separate and antagonistic things. That division has killed human spirit immensely. It has made man a battlefield, and I want man to be a dance, a harmony, a balance.

"But Gautam Buddha's changing of names is a little unworthy of him.

"I have no concern to protect anybody; now I am going to be simply stating the truth. Whether it hurts, wounds, or heals, depends on you.

"Gautam Buddha's name as given by his parents was Siddhartha. It was a perfect name – the name of Buddha does not go higher than Siddhartha. Siddhartha means 'one who has achieved the meaning of life.' What more do you want?

"Then, at that time there was a great competition which makes me laugh – a competition amongst Mahavira, Gautam Buddha and six others of the same category.

"The Jaina lineage is perhaps the most ancient. In one kalpa – which means four million years – there will be only twenty-four Jaina tirthankaras. Twenty-three had already happened, only one last seat was vacant, and all these eight people were competing to be the twenty-fourth jina. Jina means 'the conqueror of oneself.'

"Buddha was also in the competition. It makes me feel very ashamed. He wanted to change his name to Siddhartha Jina. Jina means the conqueror, but he could not defeat Mahavira – not because he was less conscious, but because he was not such a great ascetic. Mahavira was almost a masochist; he disciplined his life along the lines of self-torture. And unfortunately, humanity is still sadistic; it wants people to torture themselves. Just by self-torture they become respectable saints.

"Buddha could not manage; neither could the six others, and Mahavira was appointed as the twenty-fourth and the last prophet of Jainism."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

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