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When I Call You My Friends, I Mean It

Talk #10 of the Series, No-Mind: The Flowers of Eternity


"The supreme commanding body of Indian Buddhists, Mahabodhi Sabha, has come with a very angry statement in the press against me. I used to think that Mahabodhi Sabha consists of wise people. I was absolutely wrong – it consists of otherwise guys!

"The first thing these people should understand: it was not my fault. If you have to be angry, be angry with Gautam Buddha – he knocked on my doors. It is just because I have loved him and respected him that I allowed him to have shelter in my being.

"Instead of being joyous, the Mahabodhi Sabha members are angry with me. Perhaps they wanted me to kick Gautam Buddha outright. I did, finally. Now it is a past story.

"I have loved Gautam Buddha and I will continue to love him, but these people are better seen from far away."
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Osho continues:
"To have them inside you…it was a torture for me, for four days. But just to be polite and nice towards the ancient soul of Gautam Buddha, I waited for the right moment to say good-bye to him. Now there is no need for any Buddhist to be irritated or angry.

"And anyway, I have to remind you that it was Gautam Buddha's choice to knock on my doors; I had not asked for it. Your being angry with me is sheer nonsense. It shows that every organized religion becomes a prison even to its own founder – they won't allow him to land again in another body!

"Secondly, I had hoped that the people who have been following Buddha would have some compassion, some understanding, some intelligence. It seems they are just as bigoted, prejudiced, as any other organized religion; there is no difference.

"It happened with Jesus: the Jews were angry because he was saying that he was the last prophet of the Jews – 'for whom you have been waiting for centuries.' The high priest of the great temple of the Jews, and the supreme body of the rabbis who decided matters about their religion, decided that this young man Jesus should be crucified. His sin? His crime? – that he was proclaiming himself to be the last prophet.

"If you do not agree with him, that is perfectly okay, but there seems to be no reason that he should be crucified.

"My case is absolutely different. I am not saying that I am anybody's reincarnation. I hate the very idea! I have my own original face; I don't want to become anybody's carbon copy.

"The Mahabodhi Society is saying that I am making statements as if I am the reincarnation of Gautama the Buddha. I have never said a single word about reincarnation. I have simply said that he wanted to use my body – unfortunately I allowed him, but fortunately I was able to persuade him and to say good-bye to him.

"Now as far as I am concerned the story is closed. If the Mahabodhi Society wants, it can file a court case against Gautam Buddha! Why did he knock on my doors?

"It is not my fault."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

relaxed… transcends… eternity… daizui… newton

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