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To Create a Few More Rainbows

Talk #1 of the Series, No-Mind: The Flowers of Eternity

"My Beloved Ones, I have been too long away from you. But this 'awayness' was just like the glasses I'm wearing. Although you cannot see me, I can see you.

"I used to hear your 'Yaa-Hoo.' And each time I heard it stars showered over my small hut.

"These few days and nights have been days and nights of a certain purification. The poison that has been delivered to me by President Ronald Reagan and his staff…from all over the world experts in poison said that amongst all the poisons this is the one which cannot be detected in any way. And it has been the practice of the CIA in America to give this poison, because there is no way to find it out. And if you cannot find it you cannot give any antidotes."
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Osho continues:
"Death has been almost certain.

"These long days and nights I have taken the challenge of the poison, just witnessing. The poison was a constant torture on every joint of the bones, but a miracle has happened. Slowly slowly, from all joints it has disappeared. The last were the two arms. Today I am free from that too.

"I have a strong feeling that although I was not physically present here, you have felt me in the air. You have felt me more closely than ever before. And in your songs, I was present. In your meditations, remember, I was more present than physical presence allows.

"I had to come out today for a special reason.

"A few months ago in Bombay, Govind Siddharth had a vision that Gautam Buddha's soul has been searching for a body. And he saw in his vision that my body has become a vehicle for Gautam Buddha.

"He was right. But this is the misfortune of man: that you can go wrong even though you had touched upon a point of rightness. Because I declared him to be enlightened, he has disappeared. Since then I have not seen him. Perhaps he thinks, 'Now, what is the use? I was searching for enlightenment and I have found it.'

"Enlightenment is only the beginning, not the end. He came very close and has gone very far away.

"But I was waiting for the recognition from a Zen source that Gautama the Buddha is trying to use my words and my silences, my heartbeats and my inner sky to create a few more rainbows, to spread a few more flowers in the world. That recognition has come from a very famous seeress and prophetess from Japan.

"One of our sannyasins was there. He could see the sincerity of the woman. She never praises anyone; her insight is clear. He was afraid to ask about me, but finally he decided to ask and without any hesitation she said, 'I was waiting for a messenger. You have come at the right time. Gautam Buddha is using Bhagwan's body.

"'Right now take these twenty-one very precious real pearls as a present to Bhagwan with my congratulations that a soul that has been wandering around in search of a vehicle has found it.'

"The sannyasin was a little doubtful, because he said, 'Bhagwan's body has been poisoned in America."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

simple… showering… kyozan… shankara… maitreya… kalki

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