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Only Creation Shows Your Power

Talk #11 of the Series, No-Mind: The Flowers of Eternity

"My Friends,

"One wonders whether we are living in a sane society, or everybody has gone bananas…?

"Ronald Reagan has been trying to kill Colonel Qaddafi all these years he has been in power, for no reason at all. Libya is a small, poor country. A few months ago, President Ronald Reagan attacked Libya, and destroyed two houses in which Qaddafi sometimes lives – most of the time he lives in the desert in a tent. But Ronald Reagan killed his daughter and destroyed his houses, for no reason at all.

"Just now – this is the last week of his power, but he could not resist the temptation to attack Libya again. He has brought two warships, great carriers; they are standing just close to the shore of Libya, with dozens of fighter planes just waiting for a signal to attack."
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Osho continues:
"Libya simply wanted to see whether they were standing in Libya's territory or in the international ocean. Two jet planes had gone just to look, and they were still inside Libya's territory when the American warplanes immediately bombed the two jet planes of Libya.

"The excuse that Ronald Reagan is giving is that Libya is making a factory for biological warfare. He is showing a picture which has been taken from the sky – that means he has already violated Libya's territory; otherwise how could he get that picture?

"And the most strange and wonderful and unbelievable thing is, Libya is just making a factory. It has not yet been completed, the building; nobody knows what is its purpose, and nobody asks. America decides that it is going to be a factory for biological warfare.

"Even if it is going to be a factory for warfare, for biological attacks on other countries, America has the biggest factory like that in the whole world. Ronald Reagan should first destroy the great factory that America has, rather than destroying a poor country's.

"You will be surprised to know that President Ronald Reagan and his army chiefs have been denying the fact that they have been using a biological spray on American lands, just to test its potential in case there is a world war based on using destructive biological chemicals. And they have been denying continuously, for years, that it has any bad effect.

"But the medical association has come forward to say that it is absolutely wrong: 'The president is lying, the army chiefs are lying, because we are the persons who know how many people in these areas have died of cancer – they don't know that they have been killed by their own government!' The rate of cancer in those areas has risen to ten times more than the average. Small children, pregnant women, old men, young men….

"And finally – because the medical association has come forward – the president has not answered the medical association; neither have the army chiefs answered. Their silence shows their crime against their own people.

"A military war survey from American experts shows that America is the most warlike country in the whole world."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

society… silence… remember… condemning… hogen… mahavira… ambedkar… reagan

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