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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: Om Mani Padme Hum: The Sound of Silence, the Diamond in the Lotus, # 18, (mp3) - identity, seeking, spiritual


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Personality: The False Disease

Talk #18 of the Series, Om Mani Padme Hum: The Sound of Silence, the Diamond in the Lotus

"Deva Darshan, your question is much more comprehensive and complex than you may have realized. Man is an organic unity. And the moment I say an organic unity, I mean you are love, you are fear, you are anger…the whole panorama, all the colors of the rainbow.

"But it is very rarely realized, because our minds try to dissect things, divide things, arrange things. They are very clever and intelligent in a way, as far as parts are concerned. The moment the whole arises in your view, the mind freaks out. It cannot understand that even in fear, all the rainbows of your being are involved.

"To explain a simple fact, in the schools they use a device. They make a fan with seven wings of all seven different colors."
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Osho continues:
"When the fan is not moving you can see what is red and what is blue and what is green. Just two colors you will not find in those seven colors: the black and the white, because they are not really colors. It is just from long usage that we have grown accustomed to calling the white and black also colors.

"Then they plug the fan into the electricity, and the wings start moving as fast as possible. A strange phenomenon – you can see that all those different colors disappear. There remains only white.

"When you see the white color, it means all the rays that create colors are being reflected back, so you cannot find any color. White is an absence of all colors. Black is just the opposite of white; the black absorbs all the rays of color, not allowing a single ray to go back. Hence you cannot see the color because your eyes can only see reflected rays.

"The black became – strangely enough, even before it was discovered by science – the symbol of greed, the symbol of the devil, the symbol of all that has to be avoided. And the white became a symbol, around the world, representing renunciation – because it rejects all the rays. It has also become the symbol of compassion, because it is no longer greed but only sharing. It does not take anything in, but only gives you back everything. White also became the symbol of innocence.

"Perhaps poets became aware of it centuries ahead of the scientific research. It has been happening all the time, although nobody gives the credit to the poets because by their own contemporaries they were thought crazy. They could not produce any scientific argument for what they were saying. But centuries afterwards, science was amazed: without using any instruments, without any scientific facilities, how did these people come to certain conclusions? It is very mystifying….

"I have told you about Van Gogh that he always painted his stars as spirals. No other painter in the world has made stars as spirals; naturally even the painters, his own colleagues, told him, 'You are not aware of the fact that stars are not spirals.'

"But Van Gogh said, 'What can I do? My innermost intuition is that they are, and I believe more in my intuition than in my physical eyes.' A hundred years after Van Gogh, just recently, it has been found by science that he was right and everybody else was wrong."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

identity… seeking… spiritual… look… falseness

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