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Love Is Showering on Your Boyfriend Too!

Talk #3 of the Series, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih: The Soundless Sound, Peace Peace Peace

"Nandan, love has many layers: the biological, the social, the spiritual. They need not be in conflict but I can understand your problem. For centuries man has been told that either you love the world or you love the beyond, you can't have both together.

"This has been one of the most stupid teachings that has destroyed man's possibility of blissfulness. This world and the beyond are not two; the beyond has roots in this world. Your love to your boyfriend and your love to me are not competitive. On the contrary, the more you love me, the more you will be able to love your boyfriend. Love is a deepening inside, a cleansing and a flowering. Your boyfriend may be just a small rosebush but that does not mean that that rosebush cannot be a part of a great garden."
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Osho continues:
"There is no necessity to divide them. If you love your boyfriend, you will love the garden. The boyfriend is perhaps your kindergarten where you learn how to love, but love should not be limited, it should spread. It should spread finally to the whole universe. Even your love to me should not be a bondage. Because of this fact Gautam Buddha used to say to his disciples, 'If on the path of meditation going inwards you meet me, kill me immediately.'

"I should not be a hindrance. I am here to help you, not to hinder you. And I will be happy that your love becomes so big that it contains the song of the birds and the trees in silence enjoying the sun.

"Your love should be your sky.

"But we have been brought up in such wrong ways that love has become another name of jealousy. It has become another name of competition, another name of domination. But that condition has to be erased; it can be erased. That's the whole work of meditation: to erase all conditions so that you are as vast as the whole.

"When I first came across the statement of P.D. Ouspensky…He was one of the greatest mathematicians of this age and he wrote one of the most beautiful books ever written. The name of the book is Tertium Organum. And in the very beginning he declares that the first book was written by Aristotle; it's name was Organum. 'Organum' means the principle of knowledge.

"The second book was written by Bacon, Novum Organum. On the same lines he goes far beyond Aristotle. 'Novum organum' means the new principle of knowledge. With absolute humbleness and humility said Ouspensky, 'I am going to call my book Tertium Organum, the third canon of thought, the third principle of knowledge.'

"Up to that point it was okay. Certainly he has much more to offer now than Bacon. But he goes on, saying, 'I want to make a statement that the third canon of thought existed even before the first canon of thought of Aristotle. It was just not discovered.'

"All these three books are concerned with mathematics. In Tertium Organum is the statement: 'What I am going to write is not mathematics but super-mathematics.' In mathematics the part can never be equal to the whole – it is obvious."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

biology… spirit… blessing… love… emerson… muktananda… aristotle

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