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Little Ernie Is Your Brother

Talk #21 of the Series, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih: The Soundless Sound, Peace Peace Peace

"I knowingly have not used the whole name, Anurag Dolma, because I wanted to answer another Dolma who was here two months ago, just remained two days and said to people, 'This is not the place for me anymore and these are not the people with whom I would like to live' – and left.

"I certainly knew that this question cannot be from that Dolma. But just as she needed the answer you also needed the answer. The Dolmas may have been different, their questions deep down were the same. And moreover, I answered not the question, but the person.

"Both of the Dolmas have the similar problem of personality. You are more courageous that you have remained, the other one was a coward. Rather than accepting that she has betrayed the commune, she thought it better to leave the place."
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Osho continues:
"She could not see herself in the mirror of the thousands of eyes all around. Every eye would have reflected her guilt. And how was she going to face me? She had not even written a question or a letter.

"There is nothing wrong – I have my own ways. This is not a teaching school; this is a world of a master who is concerned with your potential being. And as far as your potential being is concerned most of the questions are exactly about you. You may not have stumbled upon it today, perhaps tomorrow. Or perhaps you may have raised the question within yourself yesterday, but were not courageous enough to expose yourself.

"Every question has to be understood as the question of the whole commune. Only then can you learn as much as is possible to learn. If you think, 'It is a question of Deva Dolma, it has nothing to do with us,' you are missing something. Something in it must be a part in you too, expressed, unexpressed. Perhaps a few have betrayed, a few are waiting to betray. But I am not addressing questions, I am addressing the whole commune, the whole atmosphere in which I want you to live and grow.

"It is just a strategy that I answer somebody's question. There is no need at all even to mention the name, because the question as such belongs to almost every human being more or less.

"Mick Jagger orders an extremely expensive, custom-made suit, but is very dissatisfied with the finished garment.

"'I told you to make the pants tight!' he remarks angrily to the tailor. 'I want them tight enough to show my sex.'

"'I am sorry, sir,' the tailor protests, 'but if they were any tighter they would show your religion!'

"I have been told by my bodyworker, Anubuddha, to look all around. He says that because I go on looking in this direction, people want their seats in this direction. And according to him my neck gets disturbed. So from now onward, once in a while I'm going to look all around, just as an exercise.

"Where is Avirbhava? She must be holding the wall, because two times the wall has moved towards me…!
I don't usually ask personal questions about your private life, because I feel it is private and none of our business.
However, one question intrigues me deeply, and I can't resist asking it: Osho, what is your relationship with little Ernie?
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

courageous… heart… delighted… accepting

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