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Having a Lovely Time - but Why?

Talk #16 of the Series, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih: The Soundless Sound, Peace Peace Peace

"Your question is hilarious – to say the least! Let them go on their way. Why should you be worried?

"The mind is going in one direction; the heart is going in another direction. It is none of your business to interfere. Simply remain a witness and see where these fellows are going. Not understanding the secret of awareness is the cause of your problem.

"You are neither the heart nor the mind.

"You are a pure consciousness behind them. And unless you get identified they cannot go anywhere; they don't have their own energy.

"You ask me, 'Is it always good to follow the heart?' and I have been teaching you that your heart, your body, your mind, should follow you. This is how we go on misunderstanding.

"You are not to be a follower of any; you are simply to be a witness."
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Osho continues:
"Witnessing the mind moving in one direction and the heart in another is a great experience. Experience that you are neither of them. You can remain above and they cannot move very far. They need each other's support and finally they need energy from you, because you are life, they are only instruments.

"Your question is just like this: my left hand wants to follow this side, my right hand wants to follow this side – what am I supposed to do? Of course, to follow the right is always good. Right is right and left is wrong!

"Not to follow is the secret of freedom, and once your heart and your mind know that you are not a man who is going to follow, they will stop quarreling, they will stop moving, because they don't have any energy. The energy comes from you and it comes because you get identified with them, but every identification is wrong.

"You remind me of Ruthie Finkelstein who has been having therapy for some time without finding much improvement in her generally depressed and confused state. Finally she tells her therapist that she is going away for a few weeks for a holiday in Greece. Some time later the shrink receives a postcard from Ruthie which says, 'Having a lovely time, but why?'

"You cannot even have a lovely time without inquiring why – and that destroys your whole joy. The questions are a disturbance. No question is of any importance. Just to be silent and watch what goes on around in you – in the mind, in the heart – and remain aloof, will not only solve this question, it will solve all your questions. But mind loves to ask!

"You are saying you feel very happy following the heart and you know it is always good…Who told you? The heart has also committed as many crimes as the mind.

"When a Mohammedan destroys the statue of a Gautam Buddha, do you think he is doing it from the mind? It is his heart. When he forces somebody on the point of the sword to change his religion and become a Mohammedan, do you think he is following his mind? He is following his heart."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

heart… question… watching… conditionings… mevlana… lawrence

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