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Mind Makes Everything Complicated

Talk #18 of the Series, Om Shantih Shantih Shantih: The Soundless Sound, Peace Peace Peace

"The world is as you are. It is complicated if you are complicated. It is very simple if you are simple. In other words you are the world. Mind makes everything complicated. Even the simplest thing becomes complicated for the simple reason that mind's function is to fight against complexities and win over lands which it itself has projected.

"But for the heart, everything is simple. It simply takes the world as it is. And if you go a little deeper, for the being even the word simplicity is too complicated. Things are as they are. And in this experience existence becomes your home – not a struggle to solve problems, not a turmoil of emotions, but a place to rest and relax and let things be as they are."
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Osho continues:
"So you have a three-layer system in your being. The uppermost is the mind, which is only interested in complexities. If it meets God it will not be interested at all because there is no God and no possibility to meet him. For centuries, mind goes on complicating, fabricating, theorizing philosophies about one who in the first place does not exist.

"Mind creates the idea of God and then starts inquiring what God is. And naturally, you cannot find God so it becomes more and more complex, you have to develop belief systems. God has been the center of all theologies, all religions, and thousands of scholars are worrying about God.

"The second layer, of the heart, does not project anything, it simply accepts things as they are. But a man of the heart is not acceptable to society. He is too simple, almost a simpleton. And at the fundamental roots of your being, the world's complexity, simplicity and the problems they create have never arisen. There it is utter silence; there is no problem at all.

"Things are so beautiful and the world is so full of music, songs, playfulness. But it opens itself only to the person who has centered himself in his being.

"You say, Since I met you eight years ago, things have started to be slowly, slowly more and more simple. For me, this is a miracle for which I can say thanks forever. To be simple is very significant for me. Being with me is in fact being with yourself. Being sincerely with me, you are yourself. You have touched the world of being – and just being is enough. These birds singing around…and just see the trees how joyous they look basking in the early morning sun…. That seems to be no problem at all. But the mind cannot live without problems and it cannot easily allow retirement; it gives fight. That's why what can happen in an instant, is happening slowly, slowly.

"Either you are simple or you are not. There are not categories that one is a little more simple and the other a little more…Simplicity does not belong to the world of categories, measurements. It is a quality, and you have not to do anything to be simple."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

simple… problems… grow… juicy… gods… mendel… kant… gosal

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