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Talk #2 of the Series, One Seed Can Make the Whole Earth Green

"Friends, I have heard about an editor who was bitten by a mad dog. When he reached the hospital the doctor said, 'It is too late, you are going to be mad.'

"The editor just said, 'Bring me a paper and a fountain pen immediately.'

"The doctor said, 'There is no hurry to make your will.'

"He said, 'Who is making a will? I want to write the names of the people whom I am going to bite when I become mad!'

"I have been searching for this editor, and I have found him. He works here in this self-styled cultured city, in a daily newspaper, Prabhat. He has been writing in editorials absolute nonsense about me.

"Before I answer him, I want to thank him, because anybody who writes any nonsense about me simply gives me an occasion, an opportunity to expose this self-styled religiousness, this so-called culture, utterly rotten."
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Osho continues:
"Before I answer him, I would tell you one thing more.

"The editor did not die. On the contrary, the dog who had bitten him died. There are a few people so poisonous that if a snake bites them, the snake dies.

"He is trying in every way to bite me, but I am not so available, so the poor fellow goes on writing editorials. I would love him to continue. I am absolutely grateful to him, for the simple reason that he gives me an occasion to expose this rotten society and its religion and its culture.

"He has written about me that I am a 'lecherous professor polluting the social and cultural climate.' Okay…

"This editor should remember that I have not made the statues of Khajuraho; they are one thousand years old. I have not made the sensuous, utterly obscene statues of Puri or Konarak. These statues of naked women in perverted postures in thousands of numbers…it must have taken hundreds of years for the sculptors to make these temples. And these statues are not just pure works of art, they are part of religion; otherwise why put them in the temples?

"India has known the first lecherous man in Vatsyayana. Three thousand years before Sigmund Freud and Havelock Ellis, he wrote the first book in the world of sexology, Kamasutra, aphorisms on sex. Hindus have been calling him Maharishi, the great seer. His sutras are so ugly and obscene. He has also a few sketches of sexual postures. Those sketches are so obscene, so ugly, so unnatural – and you will not believe that he describes eighty-four postures of making love. You know only one posture: that is the missionary posture.

"This man is not called lecherous, he is called the great seer. And this man for three thousand years has never been criticized by anyone; they have worshipped the man. And this poor editor calls me lecherous….

"All the scriptures of the Hindus are full of lechery, full of obscene sensuality. I will describe the milestones.

"The second man is a Kashmiri brahmin who wrote the Kok-Shastra. Koka is his name, Pandit Koka. His sketches are far more ugly than Vatsyayana's Kamasutras, and he used to have a love affair with a woman of the lowest caste, the kolas; they are the aboriginals."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

witness… space… remember… present… live… condemned… following… sansho… eve… shiva

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