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Talk #3 of the Series, The Original Man

"Anando, what Shoitsu is saying to Chimoku is of tremendous importance for you to understand, for everyone who is on the way. Shoitsu said:
"Since the buddhas and patriarchs, there have been three general levels of dealing with people. On the uppermost level there are no further techniques, no meaning of principle; verbal understanding is impossible.

"That's the best and the most perfect way – a simple transmission from the master to the disciple; nobody knows about it, nobody sees it. It is simply energy moving from one fire to another possibility of fire, and making the hidden, possible fire in the disciple awakened.

"This first principle is really the only important principle, but it needs tremendous trust on the part of the disciple – an opening of the whole heart, coming as close to the master as possible so his flame can reach your heart and can start another flame within you, can awaken you to your buddhahood."
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Osho continues:
"Shoitsu is right that in this category, the uppermost category, there are no further techniques. It is not a question of technique, it is a question of love, of trust. Trust is not a technique, love is not a technique. It is not something that you use, that you do, it is something that happens to you. Suddenly you see the master and your heart starts dancing and rejoicing, knowing that you have found. There is no doubt in it, no question in it; it is just like falling in love. You can define trust as rising in love because falling in love is going down – it is biological. Rising in love is going upwards – it is your spiritual principle.

"No meaning of principle, no teaching; verbal understanding is impossible. The phenomenon is so great – the transmission of the lamp from heart to heart, from being to being – that no word is big enough to contain it or even to indicate towards it. Nothing is said but something tremendously important happens; it is spontaneous.

"The best disciple receives the light without words – just by opening himself, holding nothing back.
If you take it up directly at this, then there is no difference from 'The cypress in the garden,' 'Three pounds of hemp,' 'Swallow the water of the West River in one gulp.'
"These are traditional answers given by different masters when they were asked, 'What is the buddha?' And it is absolutely impossible for people who are not acquainted with the Zen tradition to understand it. If you ask a master, 'What is the buddha?' he points you to the cypress tree in the garden and says, 'That is the buddha.' Now it is so illogical, apparently irrational…or he says, 'Three pounds of hemp – that is the buddha.'

"In this category, any kind of answer is possible, because in this category it is understood that the whole cosmos is the buddha. So anything belonging to the cosmos – whether it is a cypress tree, or a rosebush, or a lotus flower, it does not matter. Every stone on the path is nothing else but a buddha, because the buddha becomes now the very fabric of the whole existence."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

miss… original… heart… device… scriptures… devices… dancers… innermost… bodhidharma… shoitsu

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