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Only a Remembrance

Talk #2 of the Series, The Original Man

"Anando, one of the fundamentals of Zen that makes it a totally unique religion, more than any other religion of the world, is that it does not want to exclude anything from your life. Your life has to be inclusive. It has to comprehend all the stars and the sky and the earth. It is not a path of renouncing the world.

"What Maharishi Mahesh Yogi calls Transcendental Meditation, Rinzai is condemning. You teach people to sit silently with their tongue touching their palate, so even inside their mouth they cannot make any movement of the tongue, and the whole body should be just a statue – then only you can realize the truth. But it is only half of the truth. And a half truth is more dangerous than a total lie; at least a lie is total."
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Osho continues:
"Life is both rest and movement.

"If you go sometime to Bodhgaya, where Gautam Buddha became enlightened, there stands a temple in memory of his enlightenment, by the side of the tree where he used to sit and meditate. That was his routine: for one hour he would sit under the tree and meditate, then for one hour he would walk by the side of the tree. Even the places where he moved are marked by stones to show you, a small path.

"One hour he would walk and meditate, showing perfectly that life, if it is unmoving, is dead. And life – if it has no rest, goes on moving – it too will end very soon. Life is a balance between rest and movement. And when the harmony is achieved between rest and movement, you come to the very center of your life, which is always with you whether you are sitting or moving, whether you are awake or asleep. Its existence is absolutely certain, but not by reading scriptures. You have to experience it, then you can do anything. Then there is no problem for you, because whatever you do will be done out of a buddha nature.

"It happened…

"A young beautiful prince got initiated by Gautam Buddha. In those days, Vaishali was one of the richest cities in India. Buddha was staying for the monsoon near Vaishali. So the prince and every other monk used to go into the city to beg for their meals.

"In the city there lived one of the most beautiful women in history. There are only two names that have been known as the most beautiful: one was an Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, and another was Amrapali of Vaishali.

"Amrapali was so beautiful. It was a tradition in Buddha's time that the most beautiful woman cannot be married to any man. She cannot be the monopoly of anybody; she's so beautiful, she should remain free and available to anybody she likes.

"Even kings stood in a queue in front of her house. Just to be with her for a few hours, tremendous money was paid. She had become so rich that even the king used to borrow money from her."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

unmoving… watcher… ripples… lukewarm… gods… motionless… remembering… amrapali… rinzai

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