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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Path of Love, # 5, (mp3) - awareness, seeds, vedas


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Talk #5 of the Series, The Path of Love

"Truth is a challenge, the greatest there is. It is a challenge to inquire, it is a challenge to seek, and it is a challenge to be. It is not something that you will possess someday, it is something that you have to become. And, in fact, you can become only that which you are already, you can become only your being.

"The challenge of truth is the challenge of your own innermost core, the challenge to come home, the challenge to come back to the center, the challenge to recognize yourself, the challenge to know, encounter yourself. It is arduous.

"To face oneself is arduous – because we have invested too much in our ignorance; in our self-ignorance we have staked too much. So self-knowledge begins to become very, very difficult."
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Osho continues:
"Hence everybody is called, but only a few listen to the call. And those few who listen to the call, even many of them misinterpret it, delude themselves. Those who listen rightly, even they don't respond rightly. Those who respond rightly, even they don't persist for long. Hence, many are called, but very few arrive.

"In fact, everybody is called. God's challenge is for everybody; it is an open invitation. You are here for that challenge – to accept it, to go through the fire, to be purified through the fire. But it is a gamble; one has to stake one's all. And this is the irony, that when you don't have anything, you are very much afraid to stake. The irony… When you have, you can have courage to stake too.

"That's my everyday experience: whenever I see somebody who has something, he is ready to surrender, and whenever I come across a person who has nothing, he is very afraid of surrender. This is very mysterious. One who has nothing is very much afraid to surrender; maybe he is afraid that if he surrenders he will come across his nothingness. If he surrenders his defenses, he will have to know his inner emptiness, his poverty.

"It is better to pretend that one is rich and never look within. It is better to go on dreaming: 'I have much, so how can I surrender?' But this is my experience, and I have not come across a single exception to this; this seems to be the rule, that those who have, they are ready to surrender, they are not afraid. And, Jesus says, 'Those who have, they will be given more, and those who don't have, even that which they have will be taken away.'

"When you have, you have the courage to stake. And when you stake you become capable of getting more. And when you stake all, unconditionally, totally, only then you become capable of receiving the gift of godliness. Then Christ is born in you. When you stake all, Christ is born in you. When you go through the crucifixion, when you are crucified, there is resurrection.

"I see two types of people in the world; the whole humanity can be divided into two categories."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

awareness… seeds… innocent… games… identified… outside… consciousness… purity… prayerful… vedas

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