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Treasures or Dragons

Talk #16 of the Series, The Path of the Mystic

"Any experience that is spiritual cannot be unconscious; by its very nature it has to be part of the superconscious. Just as the unconscious collects all that is ugly, nightmarish, all that we don't want ourselves to know or others to know about, in the same way the superconscious also collects all that is beautiful, magnificent, spiritual.

"As one passes from one life to another, neither does one remember the unconscious nor does one remember the superconscious. One comes only with the conscious part of the mind, and the journey starts again – although what has been experienced before is retained and will be helpful. If your unconscious is too loaded, it will affect your conscious to repeat the same kind of ugly experiences that you wanted to avoid, but if your superconscious has a treasure of beautiful experiences it will attract the conscious to move very easily toward the superconscious."
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Osho continues:
"So in hypnosis it can happen: if your unconscious is less powerful than your superconscious, then in hypnosis you will go toward the superconscious and you will enter into those treasures. But they don't belong to the unconscious. When for the first time you see them you will think that you were unconscious of them. That is true: you were unconscious of them, but they were not part of the unconscious mind; they were part of the superconscious, but you were not aware of it.

"All these six different sections of the mind – leaving aside the conscious mind, which is your day-to-day working mind – they all have a memory system of their own. In each life, whatever you attain or lose, becomes part of some memory system. If it is the dark side, it goes toward the unconscious. If it is too dark, that even the unconscious feels that it is too heavy for it, then it slips deeper toward the collective unconscious. But if the collective unconscious also feels that it is really the worst that can happen, then it slips into the cosmic unconscious, which is ready to take anything because it is just like rock; it does not bother what it is.

"The same happens on the upper side. Mostly people don't get to the superconscious; once in a while, if somebody has been working to develop his being and not just growing old but growing up, then a few things are treasured by the superconscious. But if the man goes on, there will come a time when there will be things which can be treasured only on a higher level than the superconscious, and that will be the memory system of the collective superconscious.

"But there are a few experiences which can be collected only by the cosmic superconscious, and in every life the upward way becomes narrower. Out of thousands perhaps one person may collect something in the superconscious; out of millions perhaps one person may collect something into the collective superconscious; out of billions maybe one person collects something in the cosmic superconscious.

"But as you are born, you are born into the conscious mind, which knows nothing about your treasures or your dragons that you are carrying in the unconscious, but a slight work and you will become aware."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

godliness… seeing… truth… responsibility… wise… confused… shortcut… recognized… present… privilege

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