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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Perfect Master, Vol. 1, # 4, (mp3) - believe, greed, gurdjieff


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Talk #4 of the Series, The Perfect Master, Vol. 1

Whatever you say seems to be right from the point of view of what you are saying at that moment. But it may be contradictory. You draw the listeners in one direction confirming a particular point, and at the same time you go via the back door to the opposite point. It is a spiral – the listener hardly realizes what may be happening. Is this not fooling the listener – unless he realizes that the real answer lies beyond your spoken words?

"All statements are of the moment. No statement can contain eternity. And those who claim that their statements are eternal are simply lying. They don't know what they are saying.

"The moment can contain only the moment. So whatsoever I say at the moment belongs to the moment."
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Osho continues:
"It is a flower of that moment. If it is raining, I say it is raining. Later on it may not be raining. The clouds may disperse. It may become sunny.

"Yes, my statement is contradicted by another moment – but it is contradicted only if it was claiming that it has to be true forever.

"I am not giving you dogmas. A dogma is a statement with the claim that it is true forever. I give you only momentary flowers. I am not giving you a system that will remain forever and forever true. That is what has happened in the past, and man has suffered enough because of it.

"What Buddha said was his response to his moment. What Mohammed said was his response to the life that he encountered. It can't be true forever. And if it has to be true forever, then life will never change, then life will become stagnant. That's why people who believe in dogmas become stagnant. Their life is no more a flow, they are not river like. They become frozen. Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, Buddhists, they are frozen people. They have lost track of all that goes on constantly changing.

"Except change, nothing is eternal.

"If I was creating a dogma here, then I would never contradict myself. You would be happy with that! because you would have something to cling to. You have not come here to become enlightened, you have come here to become knowledgeable. My effort is not to impart knowledge to you: my effort is to awaken you. I can't allow you to cling to any statement – hence I contradict. I am always in a hurry to contradict, so you don't have any time to cling to anything. I want to take all knowledge away from you. I want you to be left alone, in utter emptiness and its purity, and its virginity.

"That's why my moment is for the moment. It does not claim anything beyond it. Each statement that I make is only for this moment. Enjoy it! Just enjoy the rose that has bloomed this mowing – be full of its fragrance, sing it, dance with it, celebrate it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

believe… greed… others… offended… dangerous… dogmas… barrier… gurdjieff… marcel… mahavira

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