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A Rolling Stone

Talk #3 of the Series, The Perfect Master, Vol. 1

"Existence is a dialectics. it depends on polar opposites: man/woman, yin/yang, life/death, daylight. But the basic polarity in all the polarities is that of positive and negative. Only positive cannot exist, neither can the negative exist alone. They depend on each other. They are opposites and yet not opposites.

"If you understand this, you have a great key in your hands: they are opposites and yet complement Aries, because they cannot exist without the other. The other feeds them – negates them and feeds them. And the whole existence progresses. moves, flows, because of these two polar banks. No river can flow without these two banks.

"Everything is divided into these polar opposites. They attract each other, they repel each other. Just like man and woman: they are attracted to each other and they are repelled by each other; they want to come close and they resist; they love and they hate – and it is all together."
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Osho continues:
"You cannot separate them. You cannot separate love and hate because you cannot separate the positive and the negative. At the most, you can emphasize one more than the other – that's all.

"Just the other day, Yoga Chinmaya has asked a question: 'Why does man have two eyes, two ears, two lungs, two kidneys, two hands, two feet – why two?' Because of the polarity. Your one kidney is male, your other kidney is female. Your one hemisphere of the mind is male, your other hemisphere is female. You cannot exist without this polarity. Your body will disappear. There is a constant opposition between the poles, and attraction.

"One of the greatest discoveries of modern psychology is that no man is just man alone, and no woman is woman alone either. Every man has a woman within him, and every woman has a man within her.

"This polarity is a must.

"The mind is also divided in two parts: the left hemisphere of the mind is male, the right hemisphere of the mind is female. I am saying this so that I can explain to you why there is such a phenomenon as Zen-and-Sufism – they are polar opposites. Zen is the path of via negative; it is basically male-oriented. It is the path of intelligence, meditation, awareness. Sufism is the path of via positive; it is feminine. It is the path of love, affirmation.

"The Buddhist moves by negating: This is not the truth, that is not the truth – neti, neti – neither this nor that, says Sosan. Go on negating, eliminating. When you have eliminated all, that which remains and cannot be eliminated any more is the truth.

"Sufism is based on positivity: Don't negate, don't use no, say yes. And don't search in a negative way; move in an absolutely positive way. Don't think of the wrong, think of the right. Don't think of illness, think of health. Don't think of thorns, think of flowers. Don't think of ugliness, misery, think of beauty and joy.

"Both are there. And you cannot use both together – you will go mad if you use both together. That's really what happens when a man goes mad."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

spiritual… zen… health… dancing… inside… opposites… awareness… einstein… fitzgerald… nietzsche

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