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Osho Audiobook - Individual Talk: The Perfect Master, Vol. 2, # 6, (mp3) - meaning, missing, zusiya


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Be Rejoiced in Me

Talk #6 of the Series, The Perfect Master, Vol. 2

What is it to be master of one's sexual energy?

"To think in terms of duality is always dangerous. To divide yourself in two is to move towards a split. You are one! How can there be a master and a slave? The very idea is poison. And it has poisoned humanity down the ages. Never divide yourself, otherwise you will be in a conflict, a civil war – fighting with yourself. And that is utter stupidity.

"To fight with oneself is to dissipate energy unnecessarily. It is a wastage. The same energy can become a jubilation.

"I don't teach you how to become master of your sexual energy. What I teach you is: how to remain one, how not to divide yourself. Never divide yourself into the body, the mind, the soul the matter, the lower, the higher, the sacred, the profane, this worldly, other-worldly."
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Osho continues:
"Never divide! These are just different names…the disease is the same. Division is the disease.

"And once you divide, you are in conflict, friction. Then joy disappears. Then life becomes an agony, a misery. And there is no victory possible. How can you be victorious over yourself? It is impossible. That's why your monks, your mahatmas, sadhus, look so sad. Their life is a life of futility. And what is the fundamental? Where have they missed? They divided themselves.

"I teach you undivided existence. Remain undivided! Never think yourself separate from your sexual energy, or anything for that matter. You ARE it! You are your sexual energy. You are your love energy. You are your consciousness. You are your body. You have many aspects! Your diamond has many aspects to it. And all those aspects together make you precious.

"But this idea has persisted down the ages – and particularly about sexual energy. Why? Because sex has the greatest appeal. Hence the egoist always finds it attractive to fight with. If one can win over one's sex, then one is a winner. Sex seems to be the greatest challenge to the egoist. Remember, it is not a challenge to the spiritualist. For the spiritualist there is no challenge. For him, life is a let-go, a relaxation, I a total acceptance. But for the egoist, life is always a challenge. Either the challenge has to come from the outside, or it has to come from the inside. Either he has to climb Everest, because Everest is there like a challenge…it hurts. No purpose is being served by reaching Everest. Only one purpose: that man has conquered it.

"Or the egoist turns inwards. There are egoists whose journey is outward and egoists whose journey is inward. For the inward egoist, the ego finds the greatest challenge in the sexual energy – because the attraction is great, immense, unconquerable – fight with it! But fighting with it, you will be simply destroying yourself and all the beauty of the sexual energy too is lost.

"The sexual energy has not to be conquered: the sexual energy has to be used in creative ways. There is no fight, but it is a great treasure."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meaning… missing… looking… lost… attain… space… presence… aspects… zusiya… napoleon

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