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Falling Upward

Talk #3 of the Series, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 1

Thank you for the delicate synthesis. Great joy arises in understanding the purposelessness of existence.

"Truth always triggers a process in you, even if the truth is not your own. The very hearing of it creates a parallel process in you. It is not caused by hearing it; it follows not the law of cause and effect, but the law of synchronicity.

"Listening to great music, music arises in you. There is no necessity; it may arise, it may not arise. There is no inevitability about it. But if you are open, it arises. If you are available, it arises. Watching a great dancer, something starts dancing in you. This is communion.

"The truth of Pythagoras, the truth of the greatest synthesis ever attempted, can trigger a process in you, can start something so immense that you could have never dreamt about it."
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Osho continues:
"That is the whole purpose of satsang: being in communion with a master. His presence, his utterances, his silences start working on you, and sometimes even in spite of you. Sometimes you become aware of those processes, sometimes you are not aware of them; they start working underneath your consciousness. One day they explode into great blossoming.

"Pythagoras really has tried the impossible, and not only tried; he succeeded too. But the world wants to live in division, because the world can only understand conflict. It cannot understand synthesis. Synthesis can only be understood when some synthesis inside you starts happening; otherwise synthesis is non-understandable, will be misunderstood.

"Everybody was against Pythagoras. All religions, all sects, all the so-called gurus of those days were against Pythagoras. In fact, they should have been with him because he was bringing all scattered fragments of truth together. But it hurts…

"If I say that the Koran is true, as true as the Vedas; if people are understanding, then Mohammedans and Hindus would both be tremendously happy, but that doesn't happen; both become angry. The Mohammedan becomes angry because I have compared his holy book with an ordinary book, the Vedas. And the Hindu becomes angry because I have compared his holy book with an ordinary book, the Koran. They both become angry because their egos are hurt.

"And you can understand what must have happened to Pythagoras because it is happening to me, it is happening to you, the same process. Hindus are against, Mohammedans are against, Jainas are against; Buddhists are against, Christians are against. Why? And I am bringing Christ and Buddha, and Mahavira and Zarathustra, and Lao Tzu and Krishna into the highest possible synthesis. Still they are all against it.

"The reason is: they are divided within themselves. They can only understand that which they are. You can never understand anything beyond your consciousness. If you are split, you can only understand a split world. If you are in a subtle harmony inside, only then will any harmony happening outside be understood.

"It is good that you felt great gratitude arising in you listening to the synthesis. It shows that something has started becoming integrated in you – something that is bringing you together, that is creating a kind of unity between the two hemispheres of your brain, the left and the right."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

jokes… obedience… attained… vipassana… process… male… infinite… diogenes… pythagoras… newton

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