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A Totally New Dimension

Talk #5 of the Series, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 2

You say that your main concern is our spiritual not our psychological growth. What is the difference between them?

"Man is a three-storied building: one body, the mind and the soul. The body contains only the body. The mind contains body and mind both. And the soul contains all the three. The higher implies the lower, but not vice versa: the lower does not imply the higher.

"This is one of the fundamental laws to be remembered. If you work on the higher, the lower will be automatically solved. If you work on the lower, the higher will not be automatically solved.

"Spirit contains all the three dimensions of your being. That's why I say my concern is your spiritual growth – because it contains your totality."
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Osho continues:
"To be concerned with your psychological growth will leave the most essential and the highest part of you outside. And then there are many more problems.

"Mind is a multiplicity; mind means the many. Millions of problems are there. If you start solving each single problem it will take millions of lives – even then you cannot be certain that you have solved the mind problems.

"Greed is there, anger is there, lust is there, jealousy is there…and so on and so forth. If you solve one it will take years and years; and even then nothing is solved. If you try to solve your anger, if you want to grow beyond your anger, at the psychological stage what can you do? At the most you can repress it – because awareness belongs to the spiritual realm. At the psychological level you can only fight. You can choose: you can repress one part against the other, but the repressed part is not dying. In fact, the more it is repressed, the more alive it will become – because it will be going closer and closer to the source of your energies and it will be getting more nourishment. And you can repress anger, but it will find some outlet from the backdoor. You cannot transform this way.

"That's where Western psychology is lost – lost in a chaos. Small problems are not being solved, very small problems. It takes years and years of psychoanalysis…then too nothing is solved. At the most you can do only a kind of window-dressing, a whitewashing. You give the patient a better mask to wear, but his original face remains the same.

"Western psychology has failed.

"The Eastern approach goes far deeper. It does not try to cut the foliage of a tree: it cuts the very roots. And to cut the very roots is to destroy the tree. If you go on pruning the leaves – that's what psychological work means: pruning the leaves – you are not going to destroy the tree at all. On the contrary, the more you prune it, the thicker the foliage will become. You cut one branch and three branches will come – because the tree will take the challenge that you are going to destroy it."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

meditation… games… snake… poetic… psychological… scientists… loved… devadatta… mahavira… neminatha

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