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More and More Mystery

Talk #3 of the Series, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 2

Everything seems so unreal, like a dream. To me, you seem to be so unreal, floating in and out of discourse each day. I do feel something deep inside happening in your presence, and more each moment being here with you, but I cannot seem to feel a clear understanding. Could you explain what is happening to me?

"The desire for a clear understanding is a logical desire. It is a desire to demystify things – and things cannot be demystified. Life is mysterious, more mysterious than any dream can ever be.

"You cannot know it clearly, it cannot be reduced to knowledge – because once something is reduced to clear knowledge it is no more mysterious.

"That's what science has been trying to do for centuries all effort to demystify existence."
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Osho continues:
"Wherever science smells any mystery it becomes suspicious – because if the mystery is accepted then the desire for clear understanding will have to be dropped. You cannot fulfill both. If you stick to the desire for clear, logical understanding then the only way is to deny the mystery, to say that it doesn't exist.

"That's why God denied existence, the soul is denied existence, love is denied existence. And when God, soul, love, beauty, truth, all disappear, what is left? A very flat, ugly. meaningless clarity – boring clarity.

"Science has made man utterly bored.

"Religion is a totally different dimension. It is an effort to re-mystify the universe – to take away your so-called logical clarity, to give you back again the mysterious innocence of a child, to make you aware of the beauty, of the poetry, of the music of love; to make you aware that you are surrounded by immense mystery. And that mystery is so deep that there is no way to fathom it or measure it: it is immeasurable.

"And those who have gone to measure it have disappeared into the mystery, have become dissolved into it. That is the difference between a scientist and a mystic. The scientist becomes afraid of the bottomless, becomes afraid of the immeasurable.

"Do you know? The word matter comes from a root which means measurable – that which can be measured. It comes from the same root as meter. Science believes only in the measurable; it denies the immeasurable, it closes its eves to the immeasurable. But it is the immeasurable that brings splendor in life, it is the immeasurable that brings dance and celebration in life. And it is there! – just by denying it, it is not destroyed. By denying it, only one thing happens: you become closed to it.

"Lao Tzu says, 'Except me, everybody seems to have a clear understanding of life. Except me,' he says, 'everybody seems to have a very clear understanding of life. I am muddy-headed.'

"He is stating a fact of tremendous import. He is saying, 'I am a mystic. I don't want clarity – what am I going to do with clarity? I don't want logical explanations."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

sex… truth… poet… mysterious… powerful… transcendence… beauty… delgado… edison… abraham

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