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All Revolutions Have Failed

Talk #8 of the Series, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. 2

What does your movement signify about the condition of society? Is it an escapist and self-regarding cult? Or do you propose through changing human nature to change society and the world?

"What is happening here is not a movement: it is a mutation. It has no concern with the society: its whole concern is with the individual. It is a revolution in the true sense of the word.

"There is no idea of changing the society or the world, because there is no society at all. Only individuals exist – society is an illusion. And because we believe in society, all the revolutions have failed. The belief that the society exists has sabotaged all efforts to change man – because the belief is rooted in illusion.

"Ask the scientist: he says there is no matter but only electrons."
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Osho continues:
"Matter is an illusion. In exactly the same way, those who understand human consciousness will say that society is an illusion like matter. Electrons are true, so are individuals.

"The individual needs a mutation. And what we are doing here is utterly individualistic; it is not socialistic at all. It may look as if it is an escape – but the word escape in itself has nothing wrong in it. If the house is on fire and you escape from it, nobody calls you an escapist. You are simply intelligent, that's all.

"We are not escaping, we are simply trying to understand what the case is. We are not avoiding problems – in fact, just the contrary. We are facing all the problems that the society has avoided. We are trying to encounter all the problems that the so-called society has been teaching you to repress.

"Man need not have any unconscious. It is because of repression that man has become divided between conscious and unconscious. It is the great work of your so-called society. It is a conspiracy against man. Once man is divided he starts becoming a weakling, because he starts fighting within himself. He is split, he becomes schizophrenic. And the man who is split can never be a master of himself.

"And that's what your so-called society wants everybody to be: never to be a master but always to be a slave. The society needs slaves. And by 'the society' I mean the conspiracy of the priests, the politicians, the power-hungry people. Society is a conspiracy of the power-obsessed people, and their basic strategy is to divide man from the very beginning.

"And how have they divided man? They have told you not to accept yourself in your totality. They have told you that much is wrong in you – in fact the major part of your being, of your wholeness, is wrong. That wrong part has to be denied expression, that wrong part has to be repressed. And once you start repressing anything in yourself, a rift is created. Then you go on repressing all the problems and you go on sitting on the volcano – thinking everything is okay, believing everything is okay, and knowing all the time that nothing is okay."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

society… alone… patient… perfection… cool… psychoanalyst… conditioned… mutation… jung… zarathustra

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