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Simply Get Out by the Door

Talk #8 of the Series, Philosophia Ultima

I am another 'development worker' whose questions you answered most beautifully yesterday.
For me, though, one question remains: working to help brothers out of the molasses seems also to keep me from flying. Should we fly and leave them be, and stay here in this magic place, for example? Or should we stay on land to help? How is a synthesis possible?

"I don't believe in any kind of synthesis. Synthesis is always hotchpotch; synthesis is basically confusion. Synthesis means you are schizophrenic and somehow managing to keep yourself together. I don't trust synthesis, because then we have accepted the division and are somehow trying to bridge the division.

"I believe in a single vision, not in synthesis. The single vision is liberating; it takes you beyond confusion and chaos, it creates integrity, it gives you a centering, a grounding."
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Osho continues:
"Moreover, a synthesis remains intellectual, it never becomes existential. It is like trying to synthesize darkness and light: intellectually you can do it, but existentially it is impossible. If there is light there cannot be any darkness; if you want darkness then the idea of light has to be dropped.

"This is the first thing to understand clearly: I am not trying to create any synthesis here; I am simply communicating, communing my single vision. It is comprehensive and multi-dimensional. It includes all, but it is not a synthesis.

"For me the question is not whether to go on helping people or whether to make an effort to be blissful, to be meditative, to make your life a celebration. The question does not arise because you are starting from a wrong assumption. The assumption is that a man who is not blissful himself can be of some service to others – that is impossible. You can give to others only that which you have already got; you cannot give that which you have not got yourself. Of what help can you be to others?

"A miserable person is bound to infect people with his misery; he cannot do otherwise. He can intend to do otherwise but he cannot really do it. That is not in the very nature of things; it is impossible. It is against the law of existence.

"If you are stinking, how can you give fragrance to others? Whenever you are giving something to others you are giving yourself in some way or other; you are imparting your being, your existence, you are sharing. You are sharing your innermost space.

"The so-called public servants have been the most mischievous people on the earth; they have created more misery than anybody else. If we can get rid of all public servants, humanity will be in a far better situation – but these do-gooders won't leave humanity alone. And what are they gaining out of it? They are gaining only one thing: they are miserable and they want to forget all about it, and the best way is to start thinking of others' miseries, that is an escape from your own miserable space. When you become too much concerned about others' problems, naturally your own problems recede into darkness."
In this title, Osho talks on the following topics:

alone… others… presence… blissful… comfortable… mirror… understanding… sleeping… protestant… psychotherapists

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