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Talk #16 of the Series, Philosophia Ultima

The other day you said that sex for reproduction is sinful. I have also read your words saying that the greatest creative act of a woman is in producing a child, and that there is a vast difference between a mother and a woman.
If this is so, then is there sin in participating in sex and in love in the hope of creating a child and experiencing the joy of creation and the renewing energy of the universe?

"One thing has always to be remembered about me: never bring in what I have said before. I live only now and here, so whatsoever I say now is the truth; there is no guarantee about it for tomorrows. I live absolutely in the moment, so don't bring the past in and don't bring the future in either."
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Osho continues:
"Be with me totally immersed in this moment. To be in this moment without any hangovers from the past, without any dreams about the future is the only way to be with me – to be in communion. Go on dying to the past; that's the only way to remain alive.

"So please never quote me, what I have said before, because the context changes every moment. Much water has gone down the Ganges since I made the statement that the greatest creative act of a woman is in producing a child. I was not talking at that time to my own people; I was talking to the common masses, to the crowd.

"Now I am talking to my own people there is no need for any kind of rationalization. I can give you the truth in its utter nudity, and the truth is beautiful only in its utter nudity.

"Yes, up to now the greatest creative act of the woman has been giving birth to a child, but it is not going to be so any more. The earth was not so populated in the past; it was a need, a great need, and the woman fulfilled it. But now she has to grow new dimensions of creativity, and only then will she be able to be equal to man. Otherwise, she has been in the past only a factory and man has used her only to create more children. Having more children was economically beneficial, it was business, because they help you in every possible way; they were not a burden in the past.

"In poor countries still the old idea continues that the more children you have the better off you will be economically. In the past it was true – it is absolutely false today. Mohammed married nine women and he allowed Mohammedans to marry four women, simply to create more Mohammedans, because there was constant war between the Mohammedans and the non-Mohammedans and it was a question of power – the politics of numbers. Whoever was more powerful was going to win, and power belonged to numbers. Now it is simple arithmetic: if you marry nine women to a single man, a single man can produce nine children in a year."
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